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Thursday's Full Moon Energy Update

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Starting from today, 26th January, the energies are shifting ahead of the next moon cycle. A day of surprises, truth telling and disclosures is the theme - if there has been something you want to say to someone or yourself then do it! Now is the right time for action to be taken, don't hold back any longer, you are worthy of the best and being treated magnificently. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded souls that lift us up and encourage our personal journey is our mission.

The next big energy shift is then on Thursday 28th January 2021 with the arrival of the Full Moon in Leo at 7.16pm UK and 11.16am PST. The energy of Leo brings a burst of creativity, heart energies and evolving into who you want to truly be. It is a period of allowing your authentic self to take centre stage, being real and true to yourself, enjoying the discoveries, lessons and collaborations with others, as you transform. Pluto is still in Capricorn... shaking things up and challenging how we previously operated, to upgrade how we live. A few days when it is important to reassess where you are and be extremely open and honest with yourself. Emotions are likely to feel all over the place... changing from anger to pure elation and back again. Be patient and kind to yourself, this is going to be a turbulent few days, either side of the Full Moon. Set daily intentions, write a gratitude journal and complete protection rituals, all if you are drawn too, as it will help you ride the unsettling energies and plan for the future success.

Each Full Moon calls us to release thoughts, feelings and agitations that bother us from the past or the future. Write everything down, all you want to let go off and set fire to it then dispose of the ash in a river or stream, park or your garden. Preference is a river but we are not all close to them, so a park or stream is good too. This cycle is a time of completion, to clear out the old energy and renew our direction and all we see, sense, feel and experience. The Full Moon is always a time of energies peaking and this is a powerful, intense reshuffle packed with opportunities and creativity. A suggested Ritual: HERE.

Another big shift is that the mythical wife of Chiron, Chariclo (Khariklo), moves from Capricorn into Aquarius. Her yin, feminine energy and purpose as a soul midwife are being highlighted, as she is here to help you with your healing journey. Chariclo is a champion of the evolution of consciousness... listen to your intuition, watch for the inspiration showing up and enjoy the excitement the changes are bringing.

For those feeling restless, the energies are shaking things up and asking you to rise above any drama or negativity. Ignore what is going on around you, leave space between you and them and don't let them dominate you, steal your energy and pull you down. Relationships are being tested as we all acquire new views of life and how we operate so communicate clearly. How another comes across is not about you, it is their journey and often their 'brokenness' that needs healing, but if they are not ready to do the work, step away and be strong in your own skin. When another is angry, they steal your energy so protect yourself and know you are truly amazing. Our energy is being challenged but to make us step up and take risks to achieve greatness.

Mercury Retrograde begins on 30th January until 21st February so get planning, read more here. The main things to know is: do not sign any new contracts, buy any big purchases (houses, sofas get the idea!) for them to be a strong success, back up computers and communicate in many forms, clearly and in duplicate to ensure you are heard correctly.

If you want an Intuitive Reading for the year ahead, some Distance Reiki to realign and balance your soul or to learn one of my Courses (via Zoom) to increase your ability to thrive then drop me an email Time to clear our any negativity, lack of self-worth and anxiety in preparation for the world reopening. Daily gratitude and intention journaling with strong visualisation of all you desire will most certainly help you.

I have a Spiritual Club on Facebook that I am going to do weekly updates and allow you to chat to other like-minded souls... click HERE. Remember to finalise projects before Saturday 30th and plan during the Retrograde period so that new contracts and projects can start from 22nd/23rd February.



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