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Super New Moon in Scorpio, Time to Visualise Your Dreams In Place.

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

THE most transformational day of 2020!!! The next New Moon on 15th November is at 5.07am (UK) or 14th November at 9.07pm (PST) will see the frustration we have been feeling lifting and our ability to achieve our goals (and reset ourselves constantly) brought back to maximum levels of positivity and success. All that we have been experiencing has been a big part of our growth journey. For those of us on a mastery train to excelled heights of spirit awakening and new world view, this is our time to shine and help so many more souls transform their lives. Discovering your dharma is the best way forwards and if you need assistance, do get in touch. Learning is a beautiful daily life tool.

November and December require extreme levels of self-care, especially for those of us that are aware of our empathetic abilities. We naturally see, feel and get energetically embroiled in the negativity, stress and unhappiness of others and when we are 'poorly' or in our own hyper stress levels then our energy can be 'stolen' and depleted by others. Protection rituals; walks in nature; cutting off and taking alone time or whatever ritual revitalises you are much needed for the remainder of this month.

Investigate how Aries affects your vibrational patterns as planet Mars is unusually still in Retrograde and staying in Aries until January 2021. So far, this has caused us to face unexpected challenges and areas of our lives have been highlighted to show us that sometimes we cannot go and achieve our goals. We have been forced to take contemplation and healing time because we have become entangled in the complexities of the lives of others and today we must let this go.

Challenges are going to continue for us to blossom into the awesomeness of our calling, our dharma and heal inner trauma. They are our wake up call and emotional compass for our own healing. Clear your negative blockages via reiki energy healing and work more closely with the energies, the lunar phases and (most importantly) your own intuition. Build yourself protective boundaries and, on the opposite to that, breakdown barriers that you held onto previously. Be open, renewed and reset in your reactions to all that happens around. Everything is happening exactly as it should.

The governmental restrictions have been too much to handle for many, the corruption reports will still show up before the year comes to a close. How this is all being handled will be called into question and the spot light will be put on big businesses (& politicians etc) that have benefited from closing us down. A time of disclosure and the opening up of a far better way of living. I have talked about these lots over the last months and will leave it here; it will unfold just as it should. Positivity and fun must be our focus.

It will be a Supermoon, a brilliant goal setting phase, be sure to include your biggest and wildest dreams as it is an amazing concentration of energies allowing special opportunities to open up for those open to mastery transformations NOW. It is the 3rd Supermoon in a row, significant new beginnings and a wonderful phase of metamorphosis and abundance manifesting.

Also, a Scorpio New Moon and this is the most intense emotional sign so expect the continuation of strong emotions. Your strength, courage and personal self-belief are where your power lies. Use your energy well (look after it too!), be focused on how you speak, think and communicate with others. Others respond to your energies, most often, unless they are very closed and living in their insular world of perception, inner aggression and agitation. Throw away how you used to behave and restart your happiness and laughter gateways. Life is too short to be in fear, doubt, misery and the assumption that life is negative.

How you see the world and act can help many live happier but do remember we cannot help everyone change. They have their own agendas, a few prefer to live in victim mentality, in 'pain' and 'dis-ease', a huge waste, but their choice!

Set daily intentions, tune into your feminine energies and listen frequently to your intuition. Working with your intuition takes practice, practice and more practice but you are on the right path. To book a Distance Reiki Energy Healing Treatment, no matter where you are in the world, to assist you with the last few weeks of this unique year drop me an email: or book a Course to self-reiki daily at home with my Certified Reiki Level I, II & Master via Skype, I have online courses for each available too plus Creative Visualisation; In-Person Treatments are still available, completely hands-free and ignite your immune system, hence why they are still allowed to happen!!! Also, House Cleansing Ceremonies, provided each room is free of others as they are cleansed and lots of Crystals for sale, they make the best Christmas (& all occasions!) presents.

I am excited about the energy shifts that are presenting themselves to us from today. Take action, monitor your mood and have fun in the process! You may well find your dreams supply you with the clarity and decision-making help that you have been yearning.

Protect your energies so you can maintain your balance and grounding, no matter what others are up too.



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