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Super Full Moon in Capricorn July 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

July and August are powerfully intense energy months, as we move through our carbon to crystalline human upgrades. Many people are finding these energies exasperating, exhausting and very confusing. Ascension symptoms include extreme lethargy, magnified fatigue, sore throats, clogged lungs and, at the lowest point, some are losing the will to remain in the physical form. Know that this will pass, we need to go through these changes to our physical, mental and emotional form, to be the improved version of ourselves. We are shaking off the old patterns, rising above the confusion, and blossoming into more evolved beings, but it is challenging!

It is very much like we are 'in limb', awaiting the gigantic changes and the dissolving of the old order, so that we can thrive in a more relaxed, enlightened world. The 7/7 Sirius Stargate Sacred Twins Portal Gateway (tomorrow) is opening us up to a new consciousness, new timelines and new dimensional realities. The Galactic Federation supports all that you are, all that you desire to be, and the amazing work that you are doing to help others with their healing and happiness levels. A beautiful time as we step into a new evolution, of Christ Consciousness and LOVE, beyond our wildest dreams. There are negative entities trying to throw us off, we need to dig deep, and remain in our power. Remember, you are stronger than you think!

Next Wednesday, 13th July 2002 we have the Super Full Moon in Capricorn at 19:37 (London, UK); 11:37 (LA); 14:37 (NY) and on 14th July 2022 at 04:37am (Sydney, Australia). Capricorns are extremely driven, enterprising and enthusiastic about life, so let's harness these traits to help us through the complexities showing up. Lightworkers and Starseeds are heading towards a quantum jump into a new timeline with much more joy, abundance and happiness. Do get in touch if you want to book some help with this journey, it is hard but energy healing, coaching or one of my courses (so you can Self-Reiki at home) to help you break this cycle of confusion will assist you greatly.

You may be feeling ungrounded and lost but the energy shifts this week, and with the Full Moon next week, are going to allow us to say goodbye to this emotional sludge and personal turmoil. Add in extra self-care, apply more self-reiki, meditation and walking in nature (barefoot if you can) to help with this process. Know you are not alone, communicate with like-minded souls and help each other through this process. Gratitude is very important right now too, for all you have and all you are manifesting into your life so that we can expand on this and generate greater positivity.

There will be a massive point of clarity, which will show you why this time needed to be endured and embraced, potentially during the Full Moon energy shifts. I always say that I understand I need to experience all that you do, so know I am working through my own resetting and clearing of the past, as you are. I am applying self-reiki twice a day, spending as much time as I can in nature (so grateful to have a plethora of options available locally), activating my Merkaba and working with my higher self for guidance.

We are changing and developing so that we can fulfil our life purpose on planet earth. Watch your thoughts, allow yourself extra YOU time and book help! Some are experiencing gut issues too, as the universe calls that we improve all that we consume. Big decisions are showing up for all of us, do not be frightened, tune into yourself and be guided by your intuition and your guides. You have got this, it is time to work through your ego, ensuring it does not interfere in your decision making process or your actions moving forwards. Victim mindset needs to leave you, everything is happening for a reason, as lessons towards your growth.

Writing down all that you wish to burn and release from your world, can start now until 13th and here is a suggested Full Moon Ritual. As always, be guided by your own desires and enjoy the cleansing opportunities opening up to you. The next momentous energy shift is on 8|08|2022 with the Sirius Lionsgate Manifesting Portal, after the New Moon on 28th July, a compelling completion of this enormous change occurring for us all.

I hope this helps you to work in a greater way with the energies that surround you. We truly are here to have fun, even as we work though the testing issues presenting themselves to us.



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