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Energy News: Spring Equinox & Aries New Moon March 2023

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

March is proving to be a pivotal month of change but please don't be fearful or you can block yourself from the magic on offer. Allowing yourself to transform and live as a multidimensional being is literally giving yourself a golden ticket for life. If you find yourself overwhelmed, confused or scared then seek out help, guidance and the support of others on the same path. We can doing some coaching, a quantum healing session, any of my services that you think will boost your energy, aid you in balancing, and help you understand your purpose, at this essential time or investigate others offer the same. I work virtually or in-person, energy is unlimited by time and space, so the options are endless.

Many have, and will continue to, predict what will transpire but as this massive transformation unfolds, we are all learning together! Humanity has never experienced this before so we are all educating, healing and evolving ourselves with each step of the process simultaneously. As we embrace and transmute the new, uplevelled energies, we are upgrading the human body, our senses, our abilities, and how we live on Mother Earth. Ascension is an accelerated spiritual process, nothing to be afraid of, it is a wild yet fabulously fulfilling ride.

Next week we have the amplified energies and augmented new beginnings of the Spring Equinox (Ostara/Eostre), at 21:24 (UK) on Monday 20th March, opening up for us, let's celebrate! Then the next New Moon in Aries on Tuesday 21st March 2023 at 17:23 London, UK; 10:23 Los Angeles; 13:23 New York & 22nd Feb at 04:23am in Sydney, Australia. The events over the last few years have seen so many question the 'truth' and realise the depth of the deception and enforced 'struggles' put on us. The energies of the Equinox & New Moon are providing lovely opportunities for us to take the action needed to change this and achieve our goals, simply and effectively. It is the Chinese Year of the Tiger after all, which depicts the requirement for us to act, rather than talk, about doing what we truly want. Planting the seeds to empower your intentions with the Spring Equinox & New Moon energies is highly recommended. Plus, cleansing, resetting and programming your crystals; de-cluttering your space once more, and powering up your intuition daily, to assist you this exceptional month of March 2023. Suggested moon ritual: HERE.

The fiery Aries New Moon signifies the astrological New Year, the opening up to yourself in a whole new way, and learning to 'leave behind' the old you. Like a snake sheds its skin, the energies are offering you the opportunity to do the same, to step into your higher self and manifest with amazing simplicity and to live easily, fulfilled and happy. The Aries, Ram energies are coming to knock down any destructive 'walls' in your way from being healthy, whole and complete. Their personality traits of 'life is a game to win', spontaneity and pro-active approach could not be more appropriate right now. Please remember you are a magnificent soul who has chosen to experience life on earth at this time. Many wish they could be here now, enjoying the fascinating wonderment of Mother Earth, and all who are upon it, evolving, upgrading and coming out of their cocoons, to create a magnificent world.

Permit yourself to open up to the synchronicities, signs and messages appearing for you, don't wait until the Universe literally has to 'knock you out' so that you notice. I always remember when dark spirits tried to cross me over via a car crash in 2021, the brain bleed was a sign 'that I was not listening clearly enough to the signs, messages and guidance from the other side', they most certainly got my attention. We are upgrading and every moon cycle offers new opportunities to accelerate our ascension journey.

Let's take advantage on all that is on offer to us next week and as we connect in more daily, our pineal crystals 'come online' in a stronger fashion, improving our ability to see, sense and feel more. You have an internal antenna that can help you every single day, why not connect with it? We are being required to play with our higher selves and clean out the trauma, negative blockages and blossom beautifully. Building a passionate daily practice, to start or end your day, and tuning into the universal energies aids the growth of your skills. Everyone is on a unique journey and the 'affects' are different for each individual, how the transition shows up for you will be specific to YOU.

We will always have our ego, we just need to be in control of it going forwards, not the other way around. The ego is, in many ways, our false self, changing the way you operate with yourself is a massive step this year. Our higher self is a mega powerful tool that makes integrating the crystalline light easier, simpler and less confusing. We have so many natural tools within us, that were previously hidden but no longer, transformation is here. This New Moon is going to boost our energies and fire us up to remove any obstacles out of our way, the power is returning to those of us willing to adapt to a new world. Magically exciting energies, are you ready?



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