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Sirius Stargate Sacred Twins Portal Gateway 2022

Today the Sirius Stargate Sacred Twins Portal Gateway opens until 7th July 2022, a week of highly charged energies, of abundance, metamorphosis of consciousness and spiritual growth that is transforming life as we know it (when you let the light in). A sacred twin flame portal that is permeating the earth with high frequency energy daily, supporting your awakening (if that is your path). The energies are helping you in your quest to remove stuck energies, to clear karmic wounds and release the past, once and for all. You may notice your body physically purging to, as you let go of the pain of the past (in this and past lifetimes).

There are a plethora of ascension symptoms showing up, sinus discomfort is a big one, clearing the lungs and heart space for the new earth; temperature fluctuations; ringing in the ears etc, as we upgrade our pineal glands and pranic tubes to stand in our full power. It is all so interesting how the purging is showing up in the physical form. Our sensitivity, our psychic perceptions and thought processes are undergoing a big shift. It can feel like brain-fog at times, from ecstasy to deep sadness and confusion. We just need to ride it together, to discuss it with like-minded souls, and realise that we are not alone!

To work with these energies, take time to meditate, to activate your Merkaba and allow yourself to download the DNA, light body and chakra activations. We have extensive chakras within and around the body, new ones are being discovered, as we tape into a greater understand of our energy light bodies and the expansion of our capabilities. If you want to book healing, coaching or cleansing, message me, it is a pivotal period as we are now half way through the mega year of change, 2022.

It is a very exciting time but also draining, confusing, and causing us to question all that we are and all that we want from this lifetime. Dark energies are permitting us to see what we need to work through, it is tough, and if you want help do get in touch. We are at a crossroads, where those that are awake to the Ascension journey are soaring, and those who keep putting off their healing at working through what can best be described as an energetic syrup, a thick sludge, that is slowing us down. Avoiding your shadows will not remove them, working through the 3D stuff that no longer serves you in the here and now is highly advised. Please try to not let others bring you down, detach from their games, and if they want to stay stuck, then move away from them. It is time to rewrite your story, to manifest magic and enjoy every moment.

This portal is a pillar of strength, so use it to your advantage, we are moving beyond our old limitations and carving out a new way of living. We are here to live in joy, laughter and love and it is up to you to do the work and welcome in the light codes and high frequency energies. Our ego healing is a big focus this month, not letting it control you, your day or your decisions will see things alter for you. It takes practice as we unlearn old habits but coming out the other side is magical.

The Sirius Stargate Twin Flame Portal is opening us up to a new consciousness, new timelines and new dimensional realities. The Galactic Federation supports all that you are, all that you desire to be and the amazing work that you are doing to help others with their healing and happiness levels. A beautiful time as we step into a new evolution, of Christ Consciousness and LOVE, beyond our wildest dreams.

Affirmations: I AM in control of my destiny; My life plan is my heart's desire and Merkaba, I AM programming you to make me invisible, untraceable and unreachable to any frequencies that are less than LOVE.

Next up: Super Full Moon on 13th July 2022, the blog will be live on then we head to the powerful 8|8|2022 Lionsgate Portal of Ascension. Please take lots of care of your mind, body and soul as we go through this gargantuan change.



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