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Sagittarius Full Moon May 2024

Updated: May 23

The energies on Earth, and within us, continue to upgrade and transform, the beautiful shifts will continue throughout 2024. They are facilitating our growth, as we expand ourselves, and make greater connections with the support on offer to us. The veil between the worlds is most definitely super thin, which can see us experience periods of being very unsettled, thrown off and confused to help us work through any of the stuff we still put in our own way, to prevent ourselves succeeding. We are seeing more with the naked eye than ever before, as the demonic souls show though with more clarity. The best advice I can give is to 'look in the mirror' at yourself, literally and metaphorically, whenever discombobulation happens.

~ What is this event/person/situation showing me?

~ What do I need to focus on, to help me be an even greater version of myself?

~ Thank you for bringing clarity to these lessons, so I know which 'stuff' is mine to work through & that which I can just release & move on from because it belongs to another

Sagittarius Full Moon May 2024 by Emma Hands

The Sagittarius Full Moon May 2024 is on Thursday 23rd at 15:55 Europe; 14:55 London, UK; 06:55 Los Angeles; 09:55 New York & 23:55 Sydney. The angelic number of 55 = 'major shifts are taking place in your finances and abundance. Know that opportunities to soar are coming your way'. Energetic opportunities of positivity, taking constructive action and thriving, as we work through the gloopy stagnation energies of throwing out the old version of us. Balancing our masculine and feminine energies keeps calling for our attention, it is lovely learning more about ourselves.

Depression can be high on the agenda as we build up to the peak of the Full Moon, hence why grounding and nature time is highly recommended. Keep going, we are here at this magical time for divine reasons, your presence helps the collective, wherever you are. I know my trigger energies get called to interesting places during this moon cycle, activating healing in others, or certainly showing them what needs attention, even if they find excuses not to follow through with their own healing.

The Moon energies are generating powerful connections with your spirit teams, your angels and guides, and with yourself. It is wonderful to see that many more of you now believe in your enhanced strengths and re-awakened abilities, and are not 'fighting' the synchronicities or fearing your own personal power. It is truly nothing to be scared of, it takes time to allow the settling of the new energies into us. Seek out new adventures, pursue your biggest dreams and enjoy everything that is showing up. Why not look back on the past with joy, even the struggles and challenges, they made us who we are. Complete a ritual, if you are drawn too, I like to get centred and direct my energies to what is next on my life path, but you do whatever feels right for you.

This is a link to the magic incoming on 3rd June, explained exquisitely: 3rd June 🔥🔥🔥.

Let's keep the love energies flowing, I wrote a blog this week helping with your connection to your higher self, your divine self, the guardian of all the mastery you have achieved in your life times. It is the evolved version of you, the god source within you, supplying you with the greatest ability to live in ease, in balance, and in the non-duality of 5D, in the vibrations of New Earth. Full Article: Connecting With Your Higher Self, 5D Living, to aid your journey of integration and fine tuning of your innate abilities. Have a magical week and do get in touch if you would like some 1:1 assistance with it all. If the abundance you seek is struggling to materialise, message me, I have discounts available, so do let me know, money is energy, helping you soar is what is important right now. Direct online bookings can be made here: Book Online, have a lovely few days and enjoy the waves of energy upgrades.



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