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Sagittarius Full Moon & Ascension Energies

Updated: May 29, 2023

Let’s celebrate making it through another week of dense energies and challenging lessons. Many Starseeds, lightworkers, key holders, walk-ins…awakened ones, are under attack from the dark energies, but they will not win. I have helped some super high vibrational souls recently who are enduring similar ‘pressures’. Our mission is not done yet, it would be crazy to give up now, as much as that might feel incredibly attractive. Understanding how powerful you are, how in control we all are as individuals, and then the magical vibrations we can permeate when we come together is super empowering.

Personally, my energies are always affected as we approach the Full Moon shifts, and not always in a positive light. It is tough sometimes, why are we here? Why are there constant ‘struggles’ & gloopy, thick energies questioning our resolve? When is Heaven on Earth truly going to be a daily way of being? Change is here, letting go of any concern that not everyone is stepping out of matrix will strengthen you.

An intense time of purification, we are being called to let ourselves die, as we face, + clear, deeply repressed emotions to be reborn anew. Ascension symptoms of extreme pressure in the head, causing feelings of 'going out of your mind' are rife. Know any 'ailment' surfacing is a result of the transformations and growth we are experiencing. Many of us are also 'truth activators' for humanity, our energies cause their demons to surface for them to be dissolved/removed, which they can resist, it is a big reason people come and go in our lives. A period of 'parking the ego' for good, so we can be the magical beings, our true authentic selves, that we came here to be.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is on Sunday 4th June 2023 at 04:41 London, UK; 13:41 Sydney; 20:41 LA & 3rd June at 23:41 in New York & 20:41 Los Angeles. A lifting of the heavy energies so we can breathe easier, manifest faster and live more freely, as we enter an important phase of the ascension process. Thankfully Summer has arrived in the UK, the sun is not damaging (more make believe by the media & ‘medical’ industry) for you – it is incredibly healing. I highly recommend embracing it at every opportunity. I am sitting on the riverside writing this, watching the many souls float by, trapped in ‘broken’ physical forms because what they consume and think is clearly held negatively in their solar plexus and sacral chakras.

I would love this to read lighter but shaking off this density is extremely challenging. Let’s embody the free-spirited, optimistic, spontaneous, honest nature of Sagittarius. Communication needs to be uplifted and opened up so we can clear internal trauma and triggers that ‘refuse’ to leave the physical form. I have begun writing my pages for burning avidly this week, working to find joy for others when their actions have felt like a stake through the heart is always an interesting game to play. How we react is our journey, remember how amazing you are. We choose our path, our parents and all that shows up in our world but it sucks sometimes. I have been quiet, due to more ‘bank holidays’, people not prioritising their self-care, which dampens my spirit, helping others keeps me whole and enlivened. Please make self-care an integral part of your to-do list, you matter and keeping your souls vessel at optimum levels is key. Meditate, self-reiki, join one of my online or in-person kundalini activations - allow yourself to fully know yourself or whatever activity brings you greater inner peace.

Everything is happening as it should, we will come out the other side stronger, more advanced, with more of our DNA and abilities ‘online’ – we just need to up the self-healing and manifesting. Crystals can help uplift us, such as Carnelian for motivation, Selenite for grounding and Pinolith for optimism, there are so many options, always select the ones that you are most drawn too. I hope you are all feeling ok, enjoy the lightness and changes next week brings. Apply extensive protection, self-care and PATIENCE this week, you are amazing.

Suggested Full Moon Ritual via the link, as always do what you feel in your heart is the right practice to elevate your personal world at this time.



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