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Reiki & Selenite Crystals

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Combining the use of Selenite with your Reiki treatments or self-reiki sessions helps when you are looking to make decisions or when you constantly have negative thoughts or are unable to connect to your spiritual self. Selenite is most often found in the white form & can also be orange, yellow, transparent and even green/brown. Place the selenite pieces on your Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakras as you work through the hand positions.

The Soul Star Chakra is located 6 inches above the Crown Chakra, above the body and is the point where divine love and spiritual energy enters the body. It is good to visualise the light of Reiki energy passing through your Soul Star Chakra, filling your body with light, via the Crown Chakra and cleansing your whole being.

White / transparent Selenite provides clarity and cleanses your aura, as you work with it. It ignites personal transformation and aids with our skills of perception. I use it when doing Angel Tarot readings too, for myself or others, as it is one of the Angel stones and promotes clarity of mind. When I hold it, it literally feels as if stress and anxiety wash away and calmness comes in their place. Selenite is so powerful, it helps us to see the bigger picture and perspective of life as a whole. it is also brilliant for meditation, hold it during your sessions and you should really feel the difference! It is fabulous for grounding, I carry a piece in my pocket whenever I go out for that very reason and to help ward off negative energies. 

Selenite is also a wonderful stone for increasing our spiritual practices and for protection of our home. It helps to keep your other crystals energetically charged and cleansed and it the only crystal that cannot be cleaned in water*, due to its delicate makeup but incense can be used to cleanse it and then charge them in the Full Moon. For 2017 this falls at the beginning of the month, between 3rd - 12th, see the Full Moon Calendar here. Be sure to physically clean & dust the rest of your collection regularly, this can be when you want to clear your energy and the energy of your home or at times of the change in moon cycles.

This amazing crystal works to remove toxins from you & your environment so following the Feng Shui Bagua Map (see below) for the specific areas allows you to place the correct crystals in each space.  A piece of Selenite should be placed in the 4 corners of your home, for protection and to constantly cleanse any toxins that develop or that are brought into the home from experiences and other people we encounter. Selenite is also perfect next to your computer, at home or work, to ward of toxins from the electromagnetic field these appliances create.

Using Selenite with Reiki aids the healing session, can help with pain relief and to balance the immune system to help heal any issues. It is always key to delve deep into the emotional cause(s) of any 'illness' or 'dis-ease' that one may be experiencing so the emotional blockages can be cleared and the body free to heal itself. Peach Selenite is particularly helpful with relationship problems and when combined with Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine it assists issues of the heart, of love so aids with emotional hurts and misunderstandings. 

Additional health benefits of Selenite are; it aids flexibility & helps prevent epileptic seizures, good for breastfeeding & nurturing a child. It can aid fertility and pregnancy, helps reduce hyperactivity and even water retention and bloating. Remember to always purchase, and use, the crystals that you are most drawn to at the time. It will not necessarily be the ones you thought you need but the ones you actually need, trust your intuition.

*For anyone who is Reiki trained to Level II, use the Power & Mental/Emotional symbols to cleanse your selenite.

If you feel drawn to learn Reiki then my Online Course is £49 for another 5 days, it goes up on 01.03.2017. It includes FREE Distance attunements or they can be arranged in-Person for an additional £45 in Richmond Upon Thames. CLICK HERE. Selenite is available in the Crystal Shop & most Sundays at Duck Pond Market, Heron Square, Richmond Upon Thames. 

Have a great day.




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