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Full SuperMoon in Capricorn + 777 Gateway Magic July 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

July is a pivotal month in our history with super powerful energy surges, changing the trajectory of Mother Earth forever. Are you feeling the changes, in the weather, the air, nature, the sun? Whatever you do, think, perceive and believe during the coming weeks will decide your future, hence why working on your healing right now is greatly encouraged.

If we don't clear the issues internally then we 'meet' the problems in our relationships, situations and life patterns. There is no avoiding/running from that which we do not want to deal with anymore. It is very transparent many are fearful of awakening their kundalini because each session raises deep seated subjects, to face, clear and cleanse them from the soul. Accelerated healing is needed right now, it may mean a dark night of the soul surfacing, but after a year of doing activations online, I have reached a beautiful level of nirvana, trust, belief in life, in me and all we are stepping into. A magical state of freedom, love, abundance and pleasure in each moment of every day. This has been aided by the years of healing I have undertaken, the energy work I do for others + myself, clearing of ancestral blockages, and opening my heart (my true mind). There is no prescription of time it takes, we are all unique but with my energy alchemy abilities + your desire to thrive and heal, we can accelerate your healing journey.

Full SuperMoon in Capricorn + 777 Gateway Magic July 2023

We are heading to a mega Full SuperMoon in Capricorn on 3rd July 2023 at 12:38 London, UK; 04:38 Los Angeles; 07:38 New York; 21:28 Sydney. Capricorns are extremely driven, enterprising, and enthusiastic about life, so let’s harness these traits to help us through any complexities showing up, all here to challenge us and aid our growth. Stand in your power, no matter the 'obstacles' that arise, sometimes they guide us to change direction or re-think our path. I know that personally, when agitation shows up, it is a call to do better/to alter my perception of a situation, fall into gratitude and vibe higher. See what shows up for you and work on altering your reactions to it, it helps every time.

Glastonbury Tor Vortex Energies

We then have a monumental 777 Portal Gateway on the 7th day of the 7th month during this 7 year of truth (2+0+2+3=7). Seven symbolises: the mystic, Merlin, the Wise Sage; encourages motivation, inspiration, the seeking of truth, wisdom, fulfilment; and Spiritual Mastery, a search for a deeper meaning of all that is, very exciting times! It will be a very important day energetically, so make time for YOU - even half an hour - to journal, exercise, meditate, walk in nature, book a treatment, whatever it is that relaxes you, and allows you to connect into the energies within and around you. The opening of the portal energies is a prominent push for us to regenerate, rebirth and redirect our energies to stand in our power 24/7. Please remember how magical you are.

The opposite of hopelessness is matter what shows up until November, stand in your power, believe in your heart all is going to be well. Your inner and immediate outer world is what is key, you choose to call in drama into world, just as you choose to let it go.

It is super interesting that the DNA strength of the African nation is high, where it all started for Mother Earth, and 'whites' went in and took control. Indigenous people fully understand, and teach, how to heal ourselves naturally - their land was stolen and they are always depicted as unworthy and crazy. Disease would not exist, if our access to them, and their knowledge, was not cut off, and then 'that' industry would not be lining the pockets of the corrupt ones. Autistic (like many) souls are drugged because god forbid we would adapt and learn from them and so awaken quicker, and allow the world to evolve sooner. It has been disclosed that the main medical journal, their 'bible', The Lancet contains false information, over half of the 'research' is untrue. A travesty that explains why doctors are getting 'diagnoses' and healing so very wrong.

Enjoy the evolution of your world and humanity as a whole, we are stepping into new dimensions of bliss, joy and love. Detach from drama, send love and review your reactions and perceptions of everything. People can only hurt or irritate us if we let them, YOU are in full control of all your choices, THE director, producer and writer of your own life so make it en epic production! Make sure you are listening to, + working with, your heart, your inner GPS, your intuition, over your ego, as it is tremendously important and beneficial right now. If you want some Spiritual Life Coaching do get in touch and we can get you booked in. Visualise all you desire as in situ, give to not receive, so you generate abundance and be sure to allow more laughter into your life. Everything is improving wonderfully in this year of 2023, spiritual communities are coming together and life is upgrading. You may find you need less sleep + food, as we improve our nervous system, downloading more light into our physical form.

The link to some ritual suggestions is here: Full Moon Ritual, I have added a Shamanic Fire Ceremony to it. Protection rituals are beneficial, as we download more light, our sensitivity increases and need to guard our own energy fields daily. Happy manifesting, tune in to the energies + your guides daily and lets have some fun.



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