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Reiki & Counselling

When people think about Reiki they think about spiritual healing energy but it is so much more. Reiki works to heal the emotional, mental and physical blockages and this continues even after a session, in the days / weeks that follow. Each treatment, also, becomes a mini counselling session, as issues, concerns and improvements are discussed, before and after the Reiki work. The space is one of non-judgemental trust and understanding and anything talked about remains private between the practitioner and client.

Prior to treatment we tend to discuss any issues or areas the client is looking to improve upon or remove, to help people relax and establish what drew them to Reiki at this time. I draw on my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training and previous training as a telephone counsellor, allowing me to bring listening skills to allow the client to speak openly and confidently about anything that they wish to discuss. You do not have to have counselling training to perform awesome Reiki, as an empathic, sensitive soul it is possible build a rapport and level of trust that the client can feel comfortable no matter what. It is most definitely a space of listening, so the client can establish their next step, not the practitioner 'telling' them what to do, we can only guide. 

The actual Reiki work takes 30 - 55 minutes, depending on the customer and level of blockages within. There follows a brief post treatment discussion, to discuss how the client is feeling, what they may have experienced (reiki brings up lots of emotions & reactions, such as tears, twitching & even sleep) and creates an space to discuss anything else they wish to bring up. 

Once we accept ourselves and truly forgive anything, anyone and ourselves then we can grow and move on to a more peaceful and happy existence. The Reiki treatment and counselling like conversations will help the client to accept themselves on a greater level and further help them to heal.

Have an awesome day.

Bright Blessings


+44 (0) 208 892 4627

Please leave comments below or email over any questions you may have. 

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