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Oscillating Together

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

It has been a while since I wrote about my most favourite topic of Reiki in depth and what it can do for each one of us! One of my many missions is to greatly help eradicate disease and remove the obsession of needing to 'run to the doctors' or pharmacy, when we can actually work to heal ourselves. The need for tablets to heal is a habit taught to us throughout life and reinforced constantly by the pharmaceutical companies. Let us be the generation that changes this!

When I work with Reiki clients regularly then we become like Newton's Cradle (see image below) as the client and practitioner oscillate in unison together, with each session definitely becoming stronger, producing greater results. The level of results is most certainly increased by the client continuing to improve their mindset, health and positivity away from my Reiki room. If you want to know more, do email me:

One of the key lessons from the Usui Reiki Level One Course (these can be studied at the Workshops or via my Online Courses) is that the soul sees each event as an opportunity to strengthen and experience but our ego sees them as either good or bad. The best advice for this is to go with what you feel is right in your heart, not the voices in your head! Do not allow the ‘you are too..’ ‘you cannot do that because..’, or in fact any self-doubting mental talk that you experience, allow you to stop being the person you are meant to be / following your dreams.

I want to help as many people as possible to realise how powerful the mind is and to learn how to adapt the many lessons available to suit their own world and lifestyle. We cannot all be positive all the time, that is impossible, what we can do is remove / alter the negative self-speak when it occurs. Life’s challenges will not stop us, no matter what we have been through or what we have experienced, we can achieve ANYTHING we set our minds too, with a little work and making sure we take action!

I have found the experience of mind over matter very powerful, since performing Reiki regularly (I self-reiki daily & every time I give a treatment I get healing too!!) I do not get sick, have got rid of my asthma & severe nut allergy and know what I think affects my world, with every little thought.

Everyone has the power to heal themselves when properly guided, popping pills is not the answer, it masks the problems rather than resolving them. It is vital we delve deeper into the cause, the root, where the pain, the incident, first took place and the emotions linked to it so we can resolve the issue and therefore the illness / disease and prevent the development of worse problems.

15% of the population in America are taking medication for Anxiety and the figures are similar in the UK (64.7 million prescriptions in 2016, which is insane!). Dr Kelly Brogan M.D, a Health Psychiatrist, explains anxiety fabulously: "Anxiety is a sense of discomfort in your own skin, a sense of unease and often a sense that you cannot meet the demands & challenges that are coming your way. Very often there is a physiological component such as racing heart, muscle tense, stomach pain or headaches". 

Getting to the root cause is vital, continuing to mask the problem is going to see more and more people not recovering and learning to live life to the fullest. We must learn a new way of being to greatly improve the health and mental state of the nation.

I know with every treatment I give, every crystal I sell and blog I write, that lives are being changed. I am looking forward to when I can reach even more people daily. We do not need to live life stressed out, in a hurry and unhappy, waiting for 'so and so' to happen to then feel happy, we must stop waiting, enjoy the NOW and manifest our dreams!!

Have an amazing week.



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(Updated 4.07.19)

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