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Powerful Opportunistic New Moon

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The mighty New Moon in January began our journey of rebirth and regrowth, which is continuing with the strong energy shifts each moon cycle this year. The second wave of eclipse energies, with the next super New Moon in Cancer, is on Sunday 21st June at 7.41am (UK), which is also the Summer Solstice and it will be a powerful day of awakening for lots of you. A substantial Solar Eclipse on the very same day will form a "ring of fire" in the sky as the Moon passes directly over the Sun (only visible in certain parts of the globe). Eclipse energies signify change and transformation, a big opportunity to reset yourself and your journey.

If you have strayed from your personal growth practices then now is the time to focus on your consciousness and fill your world with love and compassion. This is a pivotal point in the year, as we enter an incubation period of creation and advancement. The energy switches will bring new opportunities and a chance for you to fully grow into your soul's path. Spirituality is the way forwards, to ensure that the vibrations we emit help ourselves and the world transform confidently. As optimistic and positive as you can be, then you will attract greater levels of success in this new evolution. Enjoy your personal journey, no matter what shows up.

Strong emotions of overwhelm and anxiety will continue to hit us and it is how we deal with the challenges that will define our future. Increase your Spiritual connection, have a Reiki Treatment (Distance & In-Person available), book an Intuitive Reading (to review your life path), practice Yoga, walk in nature... whatever improves your grounding and emotional balance.

Enlightened empaths will be feeling the sensitivity in a whole new way, escalate your spiritual practices to protect yourself from the evolving world drama, pain and grief. Your awareness is enlarging and new support is channelling through us, as lightworkers, and spirit wants us to know they are around us 24/7. Open your heart, tune in, and let the guidance flow through to you and all those you assist on their life path. Activations of mastery are there for us to embody and to seize the prospects being offered to us. New Stargates, masterful gateways, are opening so that divine beings can guide us on this journey. Call on them, be truly open, and ask what messages the signs appearing to you mean. Staying centred, extra grounding and protection practices are definitely recommended for us all!!!

Love in our hearts, truthful communication, and openness is our focus, we cannot control how others react or behave but we can control what we do, how we feel and what we manifest. The energy shifts are bringing the world together as one with all the cultural changes that have been, in many ways, forced on us, although much needed.

Talk to those around you, engage in spiritual opportunities that are waiting for your individual input and learning. Work through what requires healing from within and build a robust level of emotional security that will aid your life path, as you reset your energies. The polarised energies demand we embrace our growth, develop our knowledge and release anything from our past that no longer serves us. If you want help with your healing, I have a Spiritual Coaching Course that we can do via SKYPE or (social distance) teaching in my Reiki room.

Mercury Retrograde starts today too, until 11th July 2020, see the guidance on what to do here: Metamorphic Planetary Activity this Mercury Retrograde. In total there are six planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury in Retrograde and Venus (which goes direct on 25th June, a huge healing of the past is required of us all), this month, so be super aware of how you communicate, what you say to yourself and how you react to the challenges that arise.

One of the greatest things to come from lockdown is the flourishing relationships and friendships that are set to continue expanding further and providing a solid foundation of love and truth in your life. There is a wonderful freedom as the intense energies bring our force to widen our hearts, our love for ourselves and others. It is a fabulous time to embody all the synchronicities that are showing up around you to amplify your spiritual life path.

Complete the goal setting ceremony, set daily intentions and cleanse your self, your space and your crystals. Dream big, so we can attract all that is meant for us. You are a divine being with a life purpose that is here for you to welcome in or expand upon to great heights.

Crystal Recommendations for the current energies (always pick those that you are most drawn to):

If you want to book some healing, teaching or a reading, do get in touch and we can get you booked in. Have a stunning week, ride the waves of imbalance and learn all you can from them.

Glorious new earth energies are here, improve how you perceive life and you will thrive! Energy is everywhere and harnessing its power will massively serve your personal healing and expansion on Mother Earth.



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