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Metamorphic Planetary Activity this Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

On June 17th 2020 we go into the 2nd Phase of Mercury Retrograde (Gemini) for 2020 until July 11th (Cancer). There are six planets, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto (see below) & Mercury in Retrograde this month, so be super aware of how you communicate, what you say to yourself and how you react to the challenges that show up. We are definitely experiencing periods of grief for all that we have ‘lost’ due to the changes of 2020 but also intense joy and celebration, as we discover new ways of being and, for many, spend precious time with family and friends that was previously impossible due to our busy lives.

This celestial phenomenon impacts us all and often in a uniformed way. The more prepared we are, the greater our levels of survival and success and key things to remember are: do not sign contracts, make big purchases or be unclear when communicating with others. People experience computers crashing, missing flights and unusual tension at work BUT do not let 'negative' events have a lasting impingement on your world. Things go an unexpected way to make us reassess and take a new, improved path! It is best to go through a planning period from 17th, preparing for new contracts, ideas, adventures and wait to activate them after the end of this Mercury Retrograde period.

Three or four times a year Mercury speeds past the Earth and this is when we go into the retrograde cycle. The turbulence it creates can affect what we feel in our daily lives up until it has passed. It is an energy shift, which affects the conveyance of information and communication; Mercury was the name of the Roman messenger responsible for communication. Mercury Retrograde periods include all types of communication, speaking, listening, reading, researching, negotiating, editing, selling and buying and rules formal contracts and agreements.

Add the dates to your calendar, along with the Full & New Moon cycles, so you can benefit from the positive aspects of each phase.

Final Mercury Retrograde of 2020:

  • October 16th 2020 (Libra) – November 2nd, 2020 (Scorpio).

These chapters do not have to be negative, it is just about discovering a different way of working for a couple of weeks. There are just a few 'rules' to follow to maintain positivity throughout the cycle.


  • Be sure to finalise projects before the start of each retrograde / hold off until after it is over

  • Do not make important moves during this time

  • Ensure clear communication, be meticulous and correct any misunderstandings immediately, to avoid confusion. Double check any written work, social posts, emails, anything so that everything is described in a clear, concise way. Do not jump to conclusions & be sure to achieve clarity where there would appear to be confusion. Thinking clearly is challenging whilst we work through these times

  • Back up your work, be sure to save everything & back up computers, phones and important documents

  • To avoid important messages being lost, send them multiple times, in different formats and ask for receipt confirmations, to make sure they have been received

  • To prevent being taken by surprise be aware that miscommunications will happen and use tactics to recover. Breathe deeply & act calmly and concisely to achieve resolution. Meditation, Yoga & Reiki can all help restore balance & calm

  • Things happen fast, apply quick thinking and explore all possibilities, use reasoning and rationality to acquire answers on both physical & psychological levels

  • For projects that started pre Mercury Retrograde but are taking too long to complete, push them through & encourage their finalisation

  • Areas that can seem to spin out of control include computer coding, transportation, shipping & travel. Maintain control or ride the wave & ensure positive, determined results

  • When travelling whilst we are in Mercury Retrograde, double check routes, maps & transportation, label luggage clearly and triple check everything

  • Personal travel is recommended though, so you get away & relax

  • Be conscious of forgetfulness

  • Do not launch any websites, advertising campaigns or magazines or new endeavours

  • Do not sign any contracts or shake hands on new agreements, written & verbal alike

  • Do not buy anything expensive, houses, cars, computers and so on, as you can expect problems later

  • It is also recommended to postpone surgery, unless it is an emergency, then go right ahead!

  • A great time for reorganising wardrobes, files and drawers, anything feeling cluttered & in need of an overhaul. It is exciting what you can find that you thought had been lost forever or you had forgotten you had

It is an energising period that can see an increase in productivity, just be aware things will be changeable and go with the flow! Keep summarising what you are told, to be sure you have correctly understood. If retrograde occurs in your zodiac month, frustrations can be pronounced, as above, double check everything & assume nothing.

It is true to say nothing ever goes 'wrong', it is there to teach us a lesson, show us the next path to take & to enhance our existence. If you cannot put off decision then remember to be flexible & accommodating. Mercury retrograde is at its strongest on the first & last dates of each cycle so allow 2 days (minimum, 2 weeks is better!) after Mercury moves ahead before initiating changes, projects or purchases.

Have an inspiring week of growth and learning period this June; it is definitely the month for personal expansion and greater cosmic awakening. If you want help with your spiritual journey, I have now reopened and am always working remotely, teach and treating beautiful souls on an improved life path.



+44 (0) 7949089265

Venus Retrograde in Gemini from May 13th – June 25th 2020.

A time to review your life path, an Intuitive Reading can help, book here: contact. Relationships are moving to new levels, lockdown saw many blossom or diminish. If you have been able communicate well digitally then that is a strong sign of the strength of your connection.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn from May 14th – Sept 12th 2020.

A discovery phase of truth, optimism and your soul’s journey on earth, are you truly happy?

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius from May 10th – Sept 29th 2020.

Calling you to take responsibility for all that you are and all that you think and do. Again a period of review, are you happy in your job &/or relationship &/or your personal healing journey?

Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn from April 25th – Oct 4th 2020.

Let go of the need to be right, remove jealousy from your world and release insecurities and doubts. You are amazing and this is your time

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces from June 22 – Nov 28th 2020.

A definite period of investigating the truth and seeing the truth in your life, love life and career. Even with the current crazy, if you want to change jobs/start afresh now is a wonderful time to being exploring and starting to take the steps for a new chapter in many areas of your life.

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