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New Moon in Cancer June 2022

The energies of the approaching Summer Solstice and New Moon are empowering many people to look at the world with new eyes. It is a compelling time of new energies birthing and new levels of abundance entering our lives, when we welcome the new beginnings with open arms. Solstice is particularly potent for manifesting that which you most desire, so get setting those daily intentions! It is truly a magical time to be alive, as we improve our DNA, reverse age, and awaken to the immeasurable possibilities on offer to us.

This, off course, is a lot more feasible when you manage the frequency you put out into the universe, every day, and detract yourself from the fear based shite that is pumped out via the media and those unwilling to heal their past and move forwards. Concentrate on all that is within your power to change and do not allow worry, anger or sadness to control you, work through it and move on. Your energetic frequency is matched, like a mirror, by the universe and reflects back to you that which you most believe. This is why working hard on your mindset, your reactions to everything, and healing the broken parts of you is crucial in 2022.

The impending New Moon is on 29th June 2022 at 03:52am, London, UK + 12:52 Sydney, Australia and the day before, 28th June at 19:52pm, LA, U.S.A; 22:52, New York, U.S.A. The water sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and our journey with its energies this month are activating our strong connection to Mother Earth and refocusing our thinking and belief in ourselves and those we love. Asking for help from your guides and questioning all that shows up is extremely advantageous to your personal growth and rebirthing. Always remember YOU choose the frequency that you put out into the world. It takes courage to heal, to alter your path, and to redress your thoughts away from the lies and corruption that has gotten so out of hand in the 3D Matrix. People are rebelling and rising above the commotion of the world, which is magical. No judgement is still a very strong message coming through, and is creating a massive lesson for us all, when we 'step back' and change our perception and transform our lives. Rise above the 3D Dramas or remain 'asleep' to the intentional fear, as always, your choice.

The Ascension energies are providing a karmic shift, where karma is instant, so watch yourself and all that you think, desire and subsequently attract. This New Moon we are called to learn the lessons, so that we can rebirth into the highest version of ourselves. A time to connect with new people, strengthen existing relationships, and widen our community of like-minded souls. Taking risks, challenging ourselves, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone as we take new action and blossom in 2022. Stand in your strength and make the changes that are going to see your joy, love and happiness levels burst at the seams.

Magical Crystals for the Solstice and New Moon Energies are Dragon Stone (Patience), Gold Sheen Obsidian, Selenite, Shungite, Lemurian, Rose Quartz, and Blue Apatite (for resting your appetite for life). Pick the ones you are most drawn to though, new ones always want our attention as the energies evolve.

Suggested ritual guidance: New Moon Ritual, as always following your intuition, even lighting a candle and sitting revising your intentions is super beneficial. When writing, question yourself - "What am I not doing towards my goals', "What synchronicities am I 'missing' because I am not tuned in enough to the energies within and around me?", "What is today's lesson from all that I experienced?". A big shift in our priorities with the energies of this New Moon, that which once seemed so vital and important to us falls away, making room for new expectations, new experiences and greater laughter and adventures. Our goal is to live a high vibrational life with previous unimaginable levels of happiness, ease and personal growth. Have a stupendous few weeks, be aware of all that you see, sense and feel, release old habits and manage any challenges with mastery.



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