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New Moon in Cancer July 2023

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Next Monday, 17th July 2023 we welcome the super charged New Moon in Cancer, with the dynamism of the Sirius Portal Gateway added into the mix. The 777 Gateway upgrades are still being felt/integrated & the Sirius energies continue until 11.08.2023, peaking again on the Lions Gate Portal 8th August. A magical doorway of accelerated transformation that remains turned 'on' for us all. New Moon timings = 19:31 London, UK; 11:31 Los Angeles; 14:31 New York; 18th July at 04:31 in Sydney, Australia.

I highly recommend embracing the New Moon energies, as we merge the past, present and future to establish the New Earth. Complete a ritual, in whatever form you are guided to do, some suggestions here: Moon Rituals. Cleansing your sacred space, crystals, energy field, thought perceptions and reactions, will aid you with your journey of healing once more.

The water sign of Cancer can help with your innovative plans and visualisation practices to strengthen your manifesting and protection rituals. The energies are interesting, we are being triggered, experiencing ascension symptoms, and working through the last of our karma. Things like trauma, come through as pain in the body, we are being required to notice which is our issues to solve, and which are the collective pain/as a result of the massive changes to the sun and earths atmosphere. Please know how amazing you are, we are here to have adventures, to live in joy and with ease.

Questions/Statements/Mantras for your intention setting:

- What does my heart truly desire?

- What part of myself am I listening to right now? To ascertain what is fear-based or your true wishes, so you connect with your higher self, not the overthinking, doubt mind

- I AM most grateful for...

- Thank you for... (best to not ask, but thank the universe)

- Today I reset my energies to welcome...(fill in the blanks)...into my world

- I AM open to....

We are truly creating our own realities, our new lives within Mother Earth, and are guided by our support teams. I work with St.Germain, the keeper of the violet flame, daily with my quantum energy healing sessions; Archangel Metatron, the master alchemist is leading the way with his magnificent powers; Archangel Michael's wonderful energies + protective presence; Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, and so many more. Through meditation, or even synchronicities, you can discover your own support team, call in those you feel most drawn to work with. They are all here to help us all, they can be in multiple places at once, there are no restrictions. We are creating the New Earth simultaneously, collaborating, uniting, and widening the collective high vibing energy surges, as we come together.

On the 777 Gateway we formed an interdimensional triangle of energies from Glastonbury, the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth, to Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra and the Giza Pyramid, the Throat Chakra. These energies progress, strengthening as the love energies increase and we manifest the free world. We are birthing the Golden Age as we continue to evolve exponentially this July, the strongest spiritual month ever experienced in our history. August looks set to be as transformative, as we keep healing our soul's vessel, for greater assimilation of the light/source codes available to us, so that we can transcend with ease. We are the wayshowers, lightworkers and awakened ones, aiding the great awakening and the collapse of the old paradigm. We are building a new reality for us all to embody, so we can all live in heaven on earth. Earth was created as a garden of Eden, and we are return to that freedom of living.

The high frequency energies magnify further throughout August, another month packed with high-powered energy modifications:

  • 1st + 31st = 2 x Full SuperMoons, in Aquarius then Pisces

  • 8:8 Lions Gate Portal + on the same day as the Waxing Moon

  • 16th we have the New Moon in Leo

  • 23rd = the start of Mercury Retrograde again (insert face palm emoji) until 15.09

Advice for my fellow high vibers, be sure not to match another's frequency, when it is lower than your own. I have had experiences of this during the week whilst 'working' with another soul and it has been a reminder that not everyone thinks like us, or is as awake, connected and healed. Apply a non judgemental attitude, investigate any triggers that show up, but also soar high above their energies and be sure to not take on their brokenness or lower energies. We all think differently and are unique, send compassion and love to everyone. We can make suggestions for another's healing journey but embodying the changes is their choice, you need to trust and protect yourself.

It is good to continually re-access your perceptions, reactions, desires and intentions, as what you wish for is truly coming into place, and quickly. It is a magical time to be alive, we are all abundant, healthy and living the dream (my biggest desire for us all). Across my vision board, it says 'I am excited about helping more of the world transcend to new earth & a magnificent way of being, living, loving & laughing' - if you are called to work with me, then do get in touch. All my services work just as strongly at a distance/remotely, so I can assist you no matter where you are based. Please know you can heal yourself, we are rejuvenating exponentially. We are all in this together, being alone is over, we are forming passionate, heart-lead communities. Let's celebrate every moment, we are returning to the childlike innocence, and freedom, we were born with.

Have a magical day/afternoon/evening.



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