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Meditation for Beginners

At an event recently Kyle Gray said 'meditation is the Google of spirit', spot on! In order for us all to connect with ourselves on a deeper level we must learn to integrate meditation into our daily routine, just as we eat our next meal, clean our teeth or quench a thirst. Habit is vital for maximum results & to impact our lives daily. As with anything in life, to fully experience it's benefits we need to practice, practice & practice some more & make it part of our daily schedule.

Practice Daily: Add it to your Calendar / online diary  or make a mental note to ensure that you commit to a daily practice of meditation, even 5 minutes can make a massive difference. I do not get out of bed without 1st performing a Self-Reiki session & listening to a meditation (these average at 15 minutes & I use the HayHouse Podcast App or Youtube, Deepak Chopra is one of my favourites to listen too. 

Where to meditate: Choose a calm, quiet part of the home, office or outdoors where there is minimal distractions. This is why I find it easiest to complete at least one meditation before I get up. Sitting on the floor crossed legged, in the lotus position with your palms facing upwards & hands on your knees is the most favoured position but follow YOUR intuition. Investing in a meditation cushion can be a good idea or you can use a a pillow or cushion you already own. How you meditate is entirely up to you, laying down, sitting on a chair, outside leaning against a tree, you decide, it is your quiet time!

Begin Small: The whole reason for meditating is to enhance relaxation, to take a break from your busy thoughts, to set you up for the day or unwind at night so be sure not to add additional stress into the mix. 5 minutes a day is still extremely beneficial & avoid excuses. This is so true: 'You should sit in meditation for 15 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour!' - Old Zen Saying.

Expect to Experience Thoughts:  These can be as basic as about your day / what is on your to-do list or more complex, plans you want to make; goals you want to achieve or things that you often 'stress' about. Everyone has thoughts pop in & out of their minds, the key is to not focus on them & to go back to focusing on a mantra or your breathe or the instructions within the recorded meditation. 

Focus on Your Breathing: Do this as a way to aid with quietening the mind but don't over think it! Breathe deeply & release slowly & repeat, as many times as you like. This not only helps with 'throwing out' unwanted thoughts but also to slow down the heart rate, increasing relaxation.

Meditation is a wonderful life tool that can help in so many ways, there are many books, videos & courses both in the shops & online that can enhance your practice. Do not let all the information overwhelm you though, as that defeats the object. Enjoy the journey & the discovery of what works best for you, it really is life changing! Repeating a mantra works very well & be sure to close your eyes throughout & remove as many distractions as possible from your mediation space.



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