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Manifesting Miracles

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

With the ongoing #fear & #drama in the world, on the news and, for many within their own cities with heightened security, I personally have wanted to find a strong outlet for the intense energies that are causing a sensitive, low vibrational moods throughout the world.

As has happened many times, Dr Wayne Dyer has been the inspiration to do this, his daily sound meditation, which can be found easily on Youtube, is amazing!

Ahh is the sacred sound of manifestation and allows you to feel open, calm & ready to receive what ever it is you are trying to manifest.

These are the Affirmations that Dr W Dyer recommends throughout the meditation and they work well all day long: 

(one idea is to print them out & stick them up someone that you can see them throughout the day)

"The more I listen the more profound the silence becomes"

"I know that my higher self is always ready to life me up beyond the world I experience with my senses"

"I know that I can connect my mind with the divine mind & guarantee myself  peace, in any moment"

"I know I am strengthened as I seek to make truth my personal reality"

"I know that the very essence of my being and the way of transforming my life is love"

"My judgments prevent me from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances"

"I know that I am already whole and need not chase after anything to be complete"

"I am aware that I do not need to dominate anyone in order to be spiritually awake"

"I will work this day at my purist intensions for the highest good of all"

"I will radiate myself outward for the collective good of all"

"Be sure to suspend all doubt and begin each day with this 20-minute ancient sound meditation. You will find yourself lighter, clearer, more centered and focused, and you’ll also begin to see manifesting in your world what you concentrate on during this meditation." 

Have an amazing day



**Image is taken by Sam Duckett on his recent adventure to India & Asia.

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