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Magnificent Planetary Energetic Shifts this Winter Solstice

The next big Universal change is happening on Monday 21st December 2020 at 10.02am, the time of the Winter Solstice 2020. The planets of Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction causing a monumental humanitarian shift of consciousness. Planetary alterations impact us and the vibrations they create allow opportunities for massive personal change, we just need to take action. Monday's Solstice is providing the positivity we need to close off this year, especially with the additional energy shifts happening on 30th December with the Full Moon (more about that in my next blog 🌟), do the work and reap the rewards. We are experiencing a wave of collective consciousness and an up scaling of our spiritual existence on the earth as a whole. Learning how to tap into the energies that surround you daily with profoundly alter your life.

Your ancestors, guides and all the ancestral beings that are with, both past and present, want you to connect with them and here their messages through your intuition and the synchronistic signs that are showing up. Their wisdom is here to supply you with amazing tools for the changes afoot. This is an exciting period of spiritual growth for thousands of souls, message me for further guidance and to book one of my services to aid you with this incredible journey as we embrace the energy shifts.

The energies are providing profound opportunities for the catalyst of personal expansion. If you have felt the desire to change your job, home, relationship or how you perceive everything, now is a wonderful time to begin the journey of manifesting your dreams, goals and what truly makes your heart sing. I am super proud of my sister moving her family permanently to Australia in a couple of weeks at this time. I have heard people often say 'oh it is not a good time' - that is a personal choice that they are making, take risks and you will flourish.

The universe sends us challenges to assist our growth journey, to get us to assess ourselves and our thoughts and all that we do. You always have a choice with everything you do. No longer put of anything, this Christmas period and additional lockdowns are allowing the time for clearing all that no longer serves you and move forward stronger and more confident.

It is the perfect time to spread love, gratitude and tune into your intuition constantly as you co-create a magnificent new identity. Watch your thoughts, cleanse your energies and begin to write down the list of all that you have been holding onto that is blocking you from moving forwards. Burning and releasing your written work on the 30th December is utterly perfect on Full Moon Day.

Head out into nature, ground yourself, breath deeply and shed the 'waste' that you have been carrying throughout life, up to this point. Now is your time and it may seem like a crazy time to make big shifts in your life but there could never be a better time. The universal shifts that are happening from today are going to supply us with the guru's and mentors we need to thrive in a whole new way and to move to a monumental level of existence that has not been seen for hundreds of years. Except powerful changes in leadership, in the spiritual souls stepping up (perhaps from those least expected people!) and how we all live from NOW. Enjoy the ride of manifesting and insights you are seeing, you can be your own guru for change. Your intuition is your internal GPS system, log into it frequently and listen to your inner wisdom. Mark the Lunar Calendar into your diary so that you can tract the moon cycles, energy shifts and mood alterations as enter 2021.

Happy Festive Season, be open, willing and grateful for all the lessons that we have gone through this year so that we can expand and heighten our enjoy of life on planet earth. Remember to protect your energy field and visibly 'throw off' any negativity, anxiety or troubles of another that you naturally attract but can clear regularly yourself or with my assistance. My life purpose is to help you be the best version of yourself and I am very grateful for my life path. Even the recent accident affecting my left eye was the universe forcing change and allowing my third eye to full open, expand and take on a level of spiritual mastery. We needed the extreme challenges of 2020 in order that for us to be ready for all that is happening. Sending you lots of healing vibes, positive energy and the ability to rid this wave of human consciousness growth to a wonderful magnitude of expansion.



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**Forward to your friends and family so that we can ensure as many of you as possible massively change in preparation for the New Year**

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