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Best Ways to Work With Lunar Cycles

Hello, I am sending healing vibes to you all as we enter the final challenging chapters of 2020. As I am sure you know, I fortnightly write about the full and new moon cycles so that we can prepare for the impending energy shifts, the effects we should look out for on our moods and the action we need to take to thrive with the imbalances that can show up. I will be posting the next New Moon in a few days.

The complexities of this year have seen many of you learn new ways to live on planet earth and this has taken the form of changes in perception, thought processes and releasing bad habits. One key factor about the lunar phases is that the moon rules our feminine energies and intuition, two massive areas of our being (for both males and females) that we have opened to working with in greater ways this month. Working with each step of the lunar cycles will ensure you tune into your feminine qualities and intuition more frequently and consciously.

I have felt very drawn to explain to you all about the whole lunar phase and this was confirmed when one of my clients enquiry whether 17th December was the best time to plan her contract exchange for the new property she is purchasing for ultimate success. The date is ideal as it falls in the middle of the waxing crescent phase (15th - 20th Dec), an excellent time to move home as it is a perfect for starting new projects and taking action on the intentions that we set. My client will have set New Moon goals for a joyful move to her new place, which is perfect.

To utilise the benefits of the moon cycle energies, plan and begin your new projects on the specific days that match the strength of the lunar phases and discover about the specific properties of each.

1st Phase - New Moon - New Beginnings

A beautiful period of planting the seeds of what you want and taking the action and visualisation steps to achieve your goals as the phases unfold. A perfect intention: "I see my goals clearly and I feel the happiness, as it has already manifested in my vision"

2nd Phase - Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing Moon lasts for two weeks and takes many forms as the energy builds. The light and shape of the moon increases and it is when we should get into the flow of the energies. A wonderful time to start new projects and open yourself up to welcoming in new thought processes and relationships (friendship & romantic) into your life. Get manifesting!

3rd Phase - First Quarter Moon - Ambitious chapter

Now it is essential to increase the speed and the progress of your new adventures, studies, projects and joyous activities, as the moon grows in power. An exciting phase of taking action on your desires and embracing the abundance that materialises for you.

4th Phase - Waxing Gibbous Moon

Is the Final push, the three days before the Full Moon reaches her peak, as we prepare for the releasing energies this cycle provides. Check the calibration of your thoughts and the motives of your behaviours, reassess and reprioritise your to-do list and get ready for the next steps. We all have very different thought processes and this year is truly magnifying the varieties and difficulties we used to face, with communication, our 'worry list' and how we see the world.

2020 is asking us to ensure we improve how we interact, how we function, what we prioritise, and how often we remove our negativity and protect our energies. Meaningless anger, fear, aggression, criticisms of others (nit picking is one description!) and doubt, as we perform tasks and travel through our days, must reduce and preferably leave our daily lives now. Life is too short and the above actions drain your energy and damage your health and your ability to thrive, not the one that you are attacking or judging. protect your aura and see the miracles unfold. Laughter is a 24/7 task we should all be enjoying more, rather than the mundane sadness, moods and agitation of others.

5th Phase - Full Moon - Releasing

A time of celebration and abundance manifesting as we let go of the past (& the future) and learn greater ways to live in the NOW. Collaborate with like-minded souls and build on your personal foundation and grounding. It is when we naturally accelerate and benefit from absorbing the flowing energies around us.

There is extensive information on the Full Moon Blogs I have previously (& continue to) published, so I will not go into the processes necessary here. Note: remember to add gratitude to your daily list for all you have achieved so far.

6th Phase - Disseminating Moon (Waning Gibbous) - Planning and Clearing

This is the beginning of the waning crescent phase, as the moon decreases in size and brightness. Celebrate and harvest newness as you tie up lose ends and let go of the past and all that holds you back. Cut toxic habits, friendships, even personal criticism of yourself and break free of the old. We have to cleanse and clear our thoughts and energies, in the same way as we need to frequently declutter and clean our physical environments. Enjoy removing the stagnant energies, things and people that drained your energy and laughter levels.

7th Phase - Last Quarter Moon - Finishing Touches Phase

Continue to finalise any projects and tasks that were left uncompleted from the last cycles. It is the beginning of the preparation stage and you are massively supported in all you do. The universe and the energies that surround you can be called upon at any time of day and night...we are guided and protected by our guardian angels and the vibes that we put out attract our tribe, our experiences and our abilities to manifest. Watch your thoughts, the activities you sign up to and the community you surround yourself with. Break those negative patterns once and for all!

8th & Final Phase - Balsamic Moon (one of my favourite food ingredients) - Closing off Cycle

Rest, Recoup, Reflect, Relearn and Revolutionise your being for your lifetime in the physical form. This happens three days before the New Moon and is the ideal period to take extra care of you, meditate more, breathe deeply and hug yourself. A time that you may well feel more drawn to be alone and take time away from others to clear your head and restart your journey. N.B. Plan regular times in your diary, during this phase of the cycle each time it happens, to be by yourself and to recoup your energies.

Happy manifesting and creating an abundant, prosperous future full of happiness and the learning of skills on how to throw out and recover from any complexities that occur. We are here to enjoy life, to fill our worlds with happiness and wonder, not aggression, agitation and dread. I am excited for the growth paths many of you are signing up to and solidifying into your daily lives.

Do get in touch with any questions, to start any of my courses or for guidance. This is your time to shine!



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