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Living Our Dharma

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

One of my life goals is to help as many people to discover & live their dharma, their true life purpose & transform their lives forever. Thankfully the number of people living life fully, achieving their dreams & helping others to do the same is constantly growing, we really are experiencing a time of amazing change in the world & the way people view it. One of my spiritual influencers, Kyle Gray, spoke the other day about all the problem people & massive issues in the world are now on full display. This therefore means we know who & what we need to work on to further make this world a better place, I would have to totally agree! It is our time, let us take the action, visualise & apply all that we are learning to manifest & help more & more people to grow & live the life of their dreams. This blog is a continuation for last weeks Abundance Manifesting article.

It is a great idea to build & review a daily plan of progressive thinking & actions to lead you to success. Discovering our true Dharma brings us into alignment with the universal energy & allows us to help so many others at the same time!

Carl's Book Club provides exceptional monthly learning of the most inspirational authors. 

'Inherit in every desire is the seeds for it's fulfilment' Deepak Chopra, in other words you cannot have an intention or desire without it being possible that you can have it!!! 

"Loving ourselves is the most essential pre requisite to living our best life this is because when we feel great about who we are we radiate an undeniable magnetic energy that attracts to us all the things we desire. The right people show up" Debbie Ford. Just as a Podcast by Debbie did one sunny morning for my meditation practice. We are all in the right place at the right time, provided we have worked with a positive mindset, looked after our emotional, physical & mental health & believed that we can!

It is so important to right down what you want! List down ideal relationships, spirituality, work, finances everything. It is key to come back to what makes us the most happy, what we truly enjoy doing. Following the 80/20 rule by listing, for example, 10 things & pick the top 2 for all areas of your life. Include ANYTHING that makes you come alive. This leads to bigger results in less time, let's do this! Life is to short to be so stressed out & not enjoying it too it's fullest. 

The world's most abundant people know exactly what they want so we need write down & talk aloud that which we REALLY want. Dream big, acknowledge issue but do not take energy from 'problems'. Have an amazing weekend. 



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