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New SuperMoon in Capricorn 23.12.2022

The powerful energies, as we head towards solstice, and the end of 2022, are providing a month of extreme change (personally and globally). There is definitely an air of energetic spaciousness, creativity, and gratitude, as the energies ramp up, very exciting times. The energies will feel unprecedented as we move into 2023, when you are open to them, and ready for the growth opportunities on offer. Collectively we have achieved so much spiritually this year, working with the energies within and around us, and it has become the norm, I am so very pleased. We are certainly being the change that the world needs and allowing more joy, love and abundance into our lives. Congratulations to all of you, know that every time you emit positive vibes, they affect everyone in your sphere. We have always been aware that someone in a good mood raises the mood of a room, and now, you understand why raising your vibration energetically is so impactful on everyone you encounter.

The final New SuperMoon is in Capricorn on 23.12.2022 at 10:16 - London, UK | 02:16 Los Angeles | 05:16 New York and at 21:16 in Sydney, Australia. The positive traits of the Earth sign of Capricorn to embody are ambition, persistence, courage, sensitivity, and their sense of humour, we are set to have more fun, to laugh harder, and welcome more joy into our lives. You may not be seeing the upgrades within the world as a whole, the key is to concentrate on your vibration, your healing and that of those around you.

The veil between the worlds is the most beautiful way. The need to be 'responsible' for others, as empaths, is dissipating, so that our strength grows, and the responsibility is reversing back to each individual. We can only help those heal who are truly open to the dynamics of the new earth, the magical that is here now. I, personally, have noticed a big shift, no longer feeling the need to go through experiences with others, to try and help, and heal, them, unless they ask for my guidance. Your healing is up to you. Life has transformed and many refer to the films that talk about the 'bubble' coming over those who are pure, transformed and willing to live outside of the bullshit of the matrix...everyone is able to join, those who truly want to open their hearts, wake the f**k up, and dismiss the shite that the matrix pumps out daily, remember everything is a choice.

What we have been told to eat, think, and do has been controlled by a collective of arseholes for too long. Whether you step into the new timelines is your choice...stay and suffer, or move on and choose. Please wake up, the school system is broken, the 'need' to work to live is gone, we are all abundant, magnificent beings. The energies are feeling like we need to stop wanting things to stay the same because of any fear of change. A suggested mantra: 'I know change is difficult but I embrace it now.' The transposing energies of the last new moon of 2022 are bringing new beginnings aplenty, be sure to take advantage of the chances opening up for you.

We have operated via information-based, rather than consciousness-based, habits for too long, but hidden information is now filtering through, and the collective is learning that consciousness-based living is the key to ultimate health, wellbeing, and achieving pure, unconditional love for self and others. No judgement, of ourselves or others, no fear, and no listening to the former 'guidance' of the 3D matrix. You were born to shine and we are starting to 'blind' the negativity, to dissipate it from our existence. Please work on your healing at every opportunity, it is a busy time but you matter and change is here.

Energetically, we have Mercury going into retrograde, beginning on 29.12.2022 as well, giving us a wonderful start to the New Year, planning, strategizing, and day dreaming, ready for implementation after 18.01.2023 (+ approximately 5 days of the shadow period). Then the 01.01.2023 portal opening, to further aid our expansion, discovery and healing as we enter the new year.

Perception is everything, challenge yourself when looking at your reaction of all you encounter, it is one of the greatest ways to be the change. Your renewed vigour, drive and view of the world will see you blossom. Complete your ritual - reset those intentions, burn angry words/experiences, if you are called too, and let's end 2022 emotionally, physically and mentally cleansed of everything that no longer serves us. If you want to book help, zoom coaching, distance quantum energy healing, in-person sessions then drop me a message.

Working with the Moon Cycles in a stronger, more determined fashion in 2023 is recommended, I have a blog with all the dates - 2023 Moon Calendar - add them to your diaries/calendars so you can empower yourself with every energy shift.

I have a FREE 3 Day Intuition Challenge, 19th - 21st December, ending with the solstice, so you can learn how to differentiate between your logical mind and your inner voice. Sign up by following @Handserenity on TikTok or YouTube or emailing and I will send out the daily videos to help you transform your personal world.

The energy shifts, the light code downloads, and magnificent upgrading of humanity, of how we live, work, learn and evolve, expands every day. Shadow work is still needed, to release any trauma, stress and misguided perceptions of yourself and the world. Clearing your soul's vessel, taking time for you, and helping those in your world wake up to a new way of being is our calling before we close 2022. I know it is a busy time but everything you do, say and experience is your choice. If you believe things are going to go wrong, they will, if you instead believe in your own magic, then you can craft the most magnificent manifestations. Super consciousness is our goal mindset, set mantras, open yourself up (with boundaries) and allow yourself to transform. The energies, and the help that is here, is offering you amazing possibilities to grow.

The energetic chaos will continue in 2023, personally feeling amazing one day, then deflated the next, but as more souls wake up, this will lessen. Work on your shadows, anchor in the energetic codes into your soul, alter how you, and those around you, live, act and think and we all transform together. The old ways need to be left in the past, the spiritual warfare needs to dissipate, please work on your healing now, and as we enter 2023.



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