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Let's not judge!

Whilst sitting in a beautiful quirky local café working on my website, I overheard four ladies catching up over their late morning coffee.  One came across as the most dominant as her voice overshadowed the rest and the conversation appeared to be constantly brought back to her, her family and her very strong opinion about people, situations and material possessions.

Personalities are intriguing, what gives one the right to judge another? How can we teach our children and society to not pre-judge others based on material belongings or ‘social standing’?

Hopefully with more and more spiritualist, positive thinking, self-actualising people emerging throughout the world there will be a shift to where we are all taught, seen and treated as equals! Let's work together to make this world a happier, more carefree place to be for everyone, everywhere. #Namaste #Love&Light

Advice: Spend one or two days aware of the words and actions of yourself and those around you, be mindful and do not criticise and see what a difference it makes to your life!



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