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Leo New Moon Magic

Magnifying our manifesting is our primary role this week as we set strong intentions and embody the energies of the transformations. Tomorrow, 16th August 2023, we have the New Moon in Leo at 10:38 London, UK, 02:38 Los Angeles, 05:38 New York &,19:38 Sydney, Oz. My goodness, the energies are super palpable today and I am overjoyed that we are upgrading, evolving and thriving in an intensified manor, enjoy all that is unfolding for you.

This is our time to call in all that is meant for us - write, visual, imagine, use whatever form works for you, all that you truly desire in your heart, your true mind, is waiting for you to call it in. Decluttering - your home, clothes, mind and your technology - is encouraged, so you are ready for the empowered new you. Energy gets trapped in stuff so if you don't wear it, use it or need it, then pass it on to a shelter, school, charity or anyone that you know who will benefit from it.

Leo is a sign of fearlessness and determination, which you have in bucket loads to apply to your day, whenever you want. A powerful, courageous and proud sign, as magnificent as the Lion that embodies them. Let's pull on the resources they provide us with, their compassion, generosity and tenacity too, we have got this!

Next up we have the power house of Mercury Retrograde, 23rd August - 15th September 2023. Always be guided by your intuition, it is advised to get all projects up and running outside of these dates, to ensure maximum success but you know best. Tune into the energies within you and follow your heart's guidance. Then we have the next SuperMoon of this month on 31st, everything is definitely shifting for the better.

Complete a ritual, cleanse your crystals, rearrange your sacred space and write yourself a cheque. Print and fill in the attached or create your own, just be sure to dream bigger. Everything you do, think, take action on is creating your destiny.

I hope you have a wonderful time over the next few days, message if you want to book some healing assistance - online or in-person. Lots of love to you all.



+44 (0)7949089265

I have extended the discount for this event, until the end of today - 15.08.2023 as it is my Dad's & Dr. Mikao Usui's Birthday. £88 now or £111 from tomorrow, book you slot HERE. Online or In-Person, Group or 1:1 are available - let's get your soul's vessel upgraded some more, so it can better assimilate the light codes entering Mother Earth right now.

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