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January's Full Moon in Cancer

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

We are at the point where we have time to prepare, to ensure we step into 2023 ready for all that is to unfold, the weird, but beautifully transformative, in-between week! Gratitude, as ever, plays a massive part in this, for all we have and all we are, all that we welcomed into our world, and all that we are manifesting from today onwards. The human calendar sees us move into a new year and the first Full Moon arrives promptly on 6th January 2023 in Cancer at 23.09 London, UK | 15:07 LA | 18:07 NY and 7th Jan at 10:07am in Sydney, Oz. There are many reports, astrological predictions and 'potentials' for this moon cycle but ultimately, you have the choice to put into place your most treasured goals and begin taking action towards them, or not. New beginnings are open to you, plus the releasing of anything that has arisen over the festive season, and cleansing your surrounds, exciting times.

The personality traits of the water sign of Cancer that can aid your journey are; intuition - your inner superpower, to follow your inner voice, over your egoic resistance; nurturing and compassion, things we need to apply to ourselves, as well as those within our world, and mystical capabilities, time to believe in magic! Embracing our empathy, independence and sovereignty, standing in our power is what so many souls are now doing, well done, let's help others join us. My Intuition Challenge, and the subsequent blog, can help you to 'tune in' every single day. Change is here, you choose how to upgrade yourself, your personality, your thoughts, your relationships and how much you allow enjoyment to expand in your life. Let's set the intention to have more fun, laugh harder, visit nature regularly, and travel lots, making mystical memories, and helping the world evolve at the same time.

Energetically, we have gone into Mercury Retrograde today, 29.12, giving us a wonderful start to the New Year, planning, strategising, and day dreaming, ready for implementation after 18.01.2023 (+ approximately 5 days of the shadow period = 23.01). We shouldn't 'start' anything new or make any big purchases, if we want them to be a success, during this time so let's take a pause and review all we desire to achieve in 2023. It is not a time to be afraid, instead see it as the ideal time for laying the foundations for the year. It is always the perfect time to set intentions, compile some questions to ask yourself, perhaps: What do I want most? What are my biggest hearts desires? How prepared am I to upgrade and evolve? What worked amazingly in 2022? What were my greatest lessons?

On 01.01.2023 a new portal opens, to further enhance our expansion, discovery and healing journey as we enter the new year. Understanding the power of the energy within, and around, you and why there is a constant need for cleansing, clearing and rebalancing will greatly help you. 2023 is a wonderful year of growth, change and new beginnings, personally and for the world as a whole. The 2023 Moon Calendar is live, to make your calendars and see the amazing synchronistic dates of each cycle for next year, all significant for the lovely alterations unfolding.

Our greatest goals as a universal collective are to live in greater joy, love, abundance and happiness, leaving stress, fear and worry back in 2022, heehee. We have the power to change whatever we most desire too. Healthier living; growing our own foods, so that we know nothing has been injected into them; recycling, sharing things, so that the world stops producing so much excess waste and the further reduction in the death of animals for people to eat them. Veganuary is highly recommended to produce massive differences in your weight, motivation, health and consciousness, but all up to you. People can only suggest to you, ultimately it is down to you to make the significant changes that are going to slow the climate devastation, and for all the kids to have a magical world to live in going forwards. Re-educating the younger generations about food, sugar and meat is vital in 2023 + eating diary is as dangerous for them, as it is for the animals. I have heard people say 'I cannot live without cheese', try living without a Mum from birth, you no like?

I hope you have a magical close to 2022 and see some of you next year, bookings are open, drop me an email and we can get your next healing session lined up. To request additional coaching time, let me know on booking so that the time can be reserved for you. Quantum Reiki Treatments = 40 minutes (1 hour in total, so there is ample space after the session to awaken/reacclimatise), guidance can be +30 minutes or +60 minutes etc. Have a supreme few days of fun and see you on the other side.

Suggested Moon Rituals here, as always follow your heart and do as much, or as little, as you wish. The energies/the universe wants to work with you, you just have to put the effort in to communicate with yourself, your guides and the personal power within you. I look forward to aiding the journey of some of you and know, every time you vibe higher, so do those around you.



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