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Periodic ‘housecleaning’ of the mind is something I have learnt from the Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. It is a life changing book / online course and workshop that I recommend to everyone!

Louise gives a great analogy of the mental thoughts we hold in our minds "Imagine scrapping bits of food of a plate into the bin after a meal, you wouldn’t then go into yesterdays bin to make tonight’s meal but how often do we go into yesterdays mental garbage to create tomorrow’s experiences!"

It is about forgiving your past, yourself and removing any aggressive, destructive thought patterns from your life. Louise uses 21 days of mirror work, looking into your eyes and really learning to love yourself, completely and unconditionally. Begin by going to a mirror and writing down anything that springs to mind and work on changing all of these negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

"All illness comes from a state of non forgiveness" A Course in Miracles.

Advice: To be healthy we should all investigate our thought patterns and review any negative, unuseful thoughts and remove them from our daily lives!



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