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Feng Shui for Christmas

As it is the weekend many of us start to think about putting up decorations, I thought it would be good to look into the Feng Shui for this season first. Christmas is a happy, fun and entertaining holiday that can also bring with it high levels of stress, pressure and tension that can be exasperated by the intense colours and extra clutter generate by the decorations and extra group gatherings.

Feng Shui is an excellent tool for creating calm and harmonious spaces and energy, so applying some of the rules this season will help you immensely! Locating and working with the Bagua areas of your home is the main aim, it is the Feng Shui energy map of your space, and connected to specific areas of our life, such as career, relationships, abundance etc. Translated from Chinese, Bagua means '8 areas' and working with them in the placement of our things generates greater energy, success and happiness. Superimpose the Bagua map over a diagram of your home, office or any specific rooms and use it as a guide for placing your Christmas ornaments around your space.

Feng Shui Bagua Map
Feng Shui Bagua Map

The best Tree placement to benefit from the balance of the 5 elements is:

  • East (Health & Family)

  • Southeast (Money and Abundance)

  • South (Fame and Reputation)

If this is not possible then you can use these colours for the decoration within these areas:

  • Northeast & Southwest - a mix of earthy tones, also, yellow, red and pink.

  • West & Northwest - gray, white &, again, earthy tones.

Light is one of the top Feng Shui remedies and as we add many more to our homes at this time of year then we can use them to enhance our families, friends, travel, careers, wealth, health and so much more. Placing Christmas lights in areas that are usually dark or where you feel the energy needs lifting helps greatly. Family (& Friends) balance can be aided with printing out and placing group images throughout your space, boosting harmony and self-esteem. This is, of course, provided seeing the images does not generate negative emotions (but then if it does, it could be worth looking at what you need to heal within, to forgive, release and remove any 'power' from anger or sad emotions).

Investigating the colours and how they make you feel is also a good idea. Too much of one colour can ignite the wrong emotions and have a negative effect. Red is one of the focal point colours of this season and seen as very angry, negative, aggressive, yet it is also fiery, passionate and a strong colour so if it 'sit well' with you then use it as much as you like.! It is a matter of balancing the colours and textures to suit you, your family and the key emotions present.

Colour Therapy Wheel
Colour Therapy Wheel

You can play around with colours and see what you enjoy the most. Do not feel that you have to decorating using set colours because lots of other people do. Use what suits you and your loved ones and have a fabulous, harmonious festive season!

De-cluttering at any time of year is a wonderful thing to do, to remove stagnant energies and get rid of unused or worn out 'stuff' that is just taking up unnecessary space in our homes. Always repair or recycle broken clocks and watches, so you do not get 'stuck in time' and they can no longer hold you back. I have written previous blogs on Feng Shui,such as Basic Rules for a Positive Energy Flow at Home which may be useful for you too. House Cleansing is also excellent at this time of year, again releasing and removing stagnant energies and having a 'restart' prior to the busy Christmas period, more details can be found HERE. As always, comment below and let us know of your experiences and advice on this topic.



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