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What Are Orbs?

Orbs are manifestations of energy that are messages from the spirit world, to help guide your journey/your day/your life. They are often not visible to the human eye until a photo is taken, or a video recorded, and each with a unique communication. Their meaning can depend on the circumstances of when you see them, so trust your intuition, especially if you feel there is additional advice for you personally when they appear. As with everything in life, it is important to form your own understanding and interpretation. The collective explanations of individual colours are purely a guide for you and you should most certainly listen to what the spirit is trying to convey to you.

The communication can also be from your guardian angels, and loved ones who have crossed over, to remind you of their presence and that you can call on them when you need guidance. I love how our spiritual connection grows and manifests daily.

Blue Orbs are the ones that I have been seeing the most recently and they provide a wonderful level of calm. They are spiritually associated with psychic energy, protection and truth and want you to remember that your spirit guides are with you. A sign Archangel Michael is protecting you and inspiring braveness and positivity so you can bring your dreams into fruition. Michael’s energy helps with decision making, when you are feeling at a crossroads on your life path. Allow his energy to aid you in releasing fear so that you can embrace the future with excitement. You are a powerful being of light and are here to guide the spiritual journey of so many more souls.

White Orbs are most frequently seen as our guardian angels travel in white orbs and are most commonly associated with Archangel Gabriel. A symbol of purification, grace and positive energies. They want you to know that you are loved and are a prompt for you to increase your faith in yourself and realise you can get through any challenges with ease, compassion and perseverance. Archangel Gabriel means ‘strength of god’ and asks that you welcome her into your life, call on her and permit the guidance to show up for you. She is the nurturing angel, here to help you achieve greatness in all you put your mind to.

Yellow Orbs provide wisdom for decisions and can be a warning about something you need to change/resolve or remove from your life, so that you thrive, and to prevent you from diving into a depressed, anxious state in situations. Review your life path, recognise those who are not holding your best interests at heart and step away from them. The yellow spirit orb is a sign that you should be cautious as you plan your next step in life. Most often associated with Archangel Uriel, ‘God is light’, bringing you confidence, peace and assistance with the issues you are wanting to resolve. Record what is on your mind when you see this colour orb as Uriel will supply ‘light-bulb’ moments to trigger you into finding the solutions you need.

Green Orbs primarily represent human spirits (those who were at one point in a physical form on earth). An indication of the amount of love and protection that you carry with you daily so open yourself to the energies that surround you and your life will evolve in a beautiful way. They are an indication of prosperity, as your abundance manifesting expands beyond anything you could ever imagine. Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, who can make his presence known when you need to change your eating habits, to improve your health and wellbeing for good. Listen to the messages that are conveyed to you, either when you see the orb or in your dreams (your subconscious mind).

Red Orbs offer you healing energies of comfort, strength and courage. Your service to the world is important and they want you to know that you are being looked after from afar. Archangel Uriel, the angel of light, often guides the messages when you see a red orb. He provides inspiration, creativity and clarity of mind, so that you can make the right decisions going forwards.

Pink Orbs are an indication of love and peace and encourage you to open your heart chakra to forgive, to resolve conflict and allow a greater level of love into your world. Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and purpose, aids you to open your heart and release your ego so that you can manifest peaceful relationships, filled with love and laughter.

Purple Orbs, the strongest spiritual colour, are motivating you to increase your spiritual understanding and enlightenment path. They want to lift you up and fully support your ascension journey of transformation. Most often associated with Archangel Zadkiel, who wants to guide your journey of discovering a wonderful level of inner peace and compassion for yourself and everyone else. One of our biggest jobs right now is to build a new world order of community, love and peace without war, violence or hatred. Open your heart to a brand-new amount of love and watch the miracles unfold.

Orbs are the light of an angelic being and they are prevalent right now, as we go through this period of human ascension, so that the spiritual realms can guide us with this massive transformation of consciousness. These magical rays of light offer healing, enlightenment and guidance for your journey of planet earth. You always receive a spiritual download when you see one. Faces of spirits are sometimes visible inside the orbs which can bring clarity to the messages they want to express to you. Enjoy the sightings that appear for you and allow yourself to grow spiritually and live a life of joy, abundance and prosperity. 2022 is shaping up to be a historical year of evolution, apply lots of self-care and stand in your power, you are loved and support every single day.



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