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February's New Moon in Aquarius

The energies are vociferous at the moment, partly due to Mercury being in Retrograde (until 21st) and partly because they want our constant attention at this time of massive change. Being aware of the power of the energies around you and how much it affects your mood and communication and concentration levels is very important. It is an easier month energetically as positivity takes hold, in preparation for March's alterations; things are looking up, exciting times! Support each other and keep the community habits high so we can get through this time together and emerge invigorated and refreshed.

The New Moon is in Aquarius on 11th (my favourite angel number) February 2021at 7.05pm (UK) and 11.05am (PST). A shift in momentum from Capricorn (the old world) to strong Aquarian energy, representing the future, is occurring. We are being summoned to rise up and join the spiritual awakening phenomenon that is happening this month. The last time there was such a powerful Aquarian energy was in the 1960's, where the hippie movement were all about peace, love, community and equality...all the things we are being called to embrace and expand upon now. The New Moon is once again activating the energies we experienced during the Winter Solstice. A new world is emerging and so many of you are working with the higher vibrational energies that surround you. If you want help do get in touch, for coaching, learning one of my courses or delving into your past to heal the blockages you are encountering in this lifetime. All can be done via zoom at this time of lockdown.

New Moon phases equal new beginnings and with 6 of the 10 planets in Aquarius the Aquarian energies are going to be impactful and the effects are going to be felt by us all up to three days either side of 11th February 2021. Collectively it is a period of beginnings that have a strong scientific and technological foundation. New discoveries are possible (and much needed); the evolution of mankind is most certainly underway.

The energies are going to be supercharged with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius at the same time. Jupiter remains in Aquarius for most of 2021 and Saturn until March 2023. Aquarian energy brings new ambitions, ideas and innovations into our path. Take action towards your goals with the revolutionary, expansive energies of awakening that are showing up. It is your time; avoid the news as much as possible so that you do not get sucked into the negativity. The clashes throughout the world need to take place to shake things up for those countries. Our job is to not worry about the challenges to our freedom and let our focus expand to new heights of wonderment. Visualise your dreams in situ, write them down and talk about them, whatever you feel called to do. Channel the energies into whatever you feel in your heart and mind you should be doing and watch miracles unfold. Awakening spiritually takes you on a journey of inner healing work and as this is the month of love, lets increase our self-love beyond anything we have ever experienced.

Trusting the as yet invisible and learning to live with uncertainty with positivity and in strength is going to see us heal and manifest faster. Keeping our frequency high is important, an example of this is on a personal level, when I tune into the energies habitually, my intuition appears to be magnified and my psychic abilities heightened. I am learning new ways to manage all I sense, feel and experience and it is super exciting! Learning how to perform Past Life Regression Sessions in January was eye opening. The 5 cases studies saw us travel to the time of Jesus, cavemen, Victorian times, 1920's, the British Raj in India, it was amazing to transition people back to their past to clear blockages from the present. Reiki and Past Life Therapy work incredibly well together, I am very grateful for the synchronicities that are materialising.

Be conscious of tensions in friendships and relationships, as our values advance we drop people, renew our contacts and evolve the support system around us to better suit where we are now. Do not let others cause you to devalue or question yourself. I had it recently and immediately reminded myself that it is their journey and if they do not want to come along for the ride then so be it. For the treasured people that remain in your life, there will be a new found freedom and balance within those relationships.

Manifesting is definitely easier; goal setting is paramount and being more open and adaptive to the changes that appear. It is your choice to either stay in stagnation, without altering your life and your perception or embrace the world growth and learn all you can to fully enjoy the powerful energy shifts. The New Moon energies are providing the opportunity to break out of the box of constraints that you have been putting on yourself. We are still going to be tested and challenged but we can do this! Keep grounding yourself (walks in nature help greatly) and applying lots of self-care and love for all you are and all you do. Open your heart this Thursday, appreciate that others are altering and concentrate on your expansion and growth. The energies on Friday will be amazing as Venus and Jupiter align so as unlocked emotionally, physically and mentally as you can be then a whole new world will open up for you.

For us Taureans career metamorphosis is the air with our reputations and status blooming and blossoming, very in line with Spring. If you want a personal Intuitive Reading via Zoom then message me, I have some Distance Reiki slots available this week too, so that you can realign and release the negative inner blockages and open up to the changes that are afoot. Happy manifesting, goal setting and planning for your metamorphosis, as we battle through Mercury Retrograde and come out the other side stronger, more organised and ready for anything. We will be free on 21st February so can then buy the big items, sign the house contracts and make the big external alterations in our world. Aquarian energies are best embraced when you have a clear knowledge of self. Trust and believe in yourself, your intuition and your abilities so you can thrive with the energy shifts we are facing.

Have a great week.



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