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Expansive Energies This August New Moon

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The next powerful New Moon is in the fire sign of Leo on 08.08.2021 at 2.49pm UK time, 6.49 PDT, 9.49am EDT, 11pm AEST. New Moon phases are always about new beginnings and the completion of cycles. Notice that which is grabbing your attention, the synchronicities that are showing up and how you truly feel this week. Follow that which you most feel compelled to do, as you listen to and trust your intuition.

Leo energy is all about the heart, love, passion and a renewed joy for life, embody these traits and allow your creativity to flourish. It is a time of us ‘coming back to life’ literally and figuratively…Sunday is going to be a phenomenal day! Open your heart and mind to the (previously unimagined) impossible and go with the flow.

As empaths, and lightworkers, how others are going to be feeling, thinking and acting is so apparent (and often draining) to us. It is a call for more protection work for our energies and our own mental health. Do not let the negativity, defeatist and self-loathing energies of others get under your skin. The uncomfortableness we feel is our activation to act, be motivated and believe in our dreams (unaffected by the moods of others). Have courage and strength in your conviction, mental clarity is very strong right now. Avoid drama, unhappiness and self-sabotaging people.

Some of you may be encountering flu-like symptoms, even mucus, coughing and sneezing - know it is not that disease…it is your DNA upgrading and downloading the fabulous new cosmic energies. The body goes into self-preservation mode, as it believes it is under attack - no, just a rebirthing for many of us. Work on thoughts of ‘lack’…when many wake up the first thought is of ‘I didn’t have enough sleep’ starting the day in a negative mindset. we all have a choice around our thoughts. There are powerful Kundalini energies and third eye awakening activation for lots of you opening to the universal life force energies. Let’s make the most of them this week.

The Lions Gate Portal is also on Sunday and I have opened the last blog – part of the Spiritual Ascension Membership – for a 7-day free trial, go check it out HERE. There are extensive articles on this topic but in the words of one subscriber - "I have read a lot about Lions Gate online but what you have written is the best, the most eye-opening". Immense changes on 08.08, the double number is so significant and although it is a yearly occurrence, this one is catastrophic in its amazingness. A massive activation for those spiritually awake(ning). It is time to look in the mirror and face yourself to fully find yourself. Take responsibility for you and stop any concerns for the world.

What you do for a ‘job’ is a big focus…are you enhancing another’s life? Do you feel fulfilled in your day-to-day processes? This all affects your mindset and long term happiness and motivation. If you have felt called to make a change then now is the perfect time.

We are experiencing interruptive energies that are expanding our consciousness. You may be feeling at odds with those around you, step away, breathe, check your perception and know another’s issues are just that, their issues! Fear is our biggest enemy, monitor your emotional state daily and enjoy this mega portal activation. A new, more powerful you is emerging, ancestral healing is your dharma. We are on course to change the history we have felt 'saddled' with, a phase of metamorphosis. Know you are not a product of your surroundings and that you are safe in your own skin.

Build your tribe of like-minded souls who are not focused on what is wrong with the world but the beauty that exists out and within us.

On Sunday set strong intentions and plant those seeds for your future. Some questions to ask yourself: What do you truly want to manifest? What motivates you and fills your heart with joy?

Write down and read daily affirmations: i.e. "I release the emotions and reactions of others"; "I love...."; "I am grateful for....."; "I am powerful"; We are all powerful".

The more we step into positivity, we can help those around us to do the same, a great shift is happening allowing a higher state of consciousness and a complete fresh start and rebirth of humanity. Allow the magic to enter your life with the massive changes Sunday is bringing. Wash your crystals and complete a ritual (even if only writing your intentions on the day).

Happy manifesting and do get in touch if you want to book a reiki session or a reading...this is the perfect week for it!



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