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Exciting New Courses & Services.

Launching Exciting New Courses & Services for Summer 2018.

After going through greater personal learning,  healing and growth over the last year, I am excited to launch some new courses & services so that I can share the skills & knowledge with you to assist your own growth . Shamanic Soul Retrieval Journeys, Creative Visualisation Workshops and enhanced Children's Reiki & Crystal Courses. I have added brief outlines below or give me a call 07949089265. 

Creative Visualisation Workshops to Manifest Your Dreams.

NEW Course on how to build your visualisation / mood boards and incorporate the affirmations and new way of thinking into your daily lives. Often conducted One-to-One so that you get the most from the experience with follow up email support. Full Info: HERE.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Consultation & Drumming Journeys - Restoring Fragmented Parts of Your Soul.

When we experience trauma, shock and life changing events then we 'lose' parts of our soul, as they become fragmented from us. 'I feel like a part of me is missing' is one such example of the need for a Retrieval Journey. Emotional events; loss of loved ones, abuse or separation &

Physical events i.e. accidents, abuse & anaesthesia (during operations). It is totally understandable and natural that this occurs, similar to fight or flight responses, it is a self-preservation method but not something we have to live with forever. To learn more click HERE

Summer Holiday Courses for Children - Certified Reiki Level One for Kids. 

Learning this life changing tool so that Children are better equipped to deal with the challenges of life is priceless! Practising self-reiki builds self-esteem, removes stress & anxiety, aids with growing up & belief in their ability to achieve their goals. Taught One-to-one or in small groups. More details: HERE.

Reiki Principle No 2

Feeling Stuck? 

House Energy Cleansing Services in London & Surrey, using Smudging, Sound Healing & Reiki. Smudging is perfect for when we are feeling stuck, negative & in need of an energy shift. Stagnant energy has detrimental effects on our mental & physical state & can affect our success, health & overall wellbeing. When looking to start a fresh, a new project or adventure; Moving into a new space (work or home); After personal or professional difficulties; If anyone in the house is having problems; When occupants in a house change or whenever you feel stuck & want to improve the quality of life. House Cleansing provides a new beginning & works wonders on any home or office. Click HERE




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