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Energy Update for July's New Moon in Cancer

The accelerator has been pressed on the evolution of our world, new energetic doorways are opening up and our manifesting abilities have quadrupled. The universe is your spiritual technology, so tap into it and believe in your own abilities to achieve your dreams. It is a wonderful time for a fresh start so when planning be sure to look at your internal desires as much as the external wishes, your mental health is a priority during these energy shifts. The transpersonal energies are lifting us out of our comfort zone and the possibilities are limitless, following your heart and intuition is your calling this week. Those who are opening up to love and new relationships are encouraged to investigate social events and groups that will widen their circle and lead to exciting meetings and interactions with others.

The next New Moon Cancer provides an energy renewal for new beginnings on 10th July at 02.16am UK & 11am AEST and on 9th July at 9pm PST + 6pm EST. Be extremely mindful of your communication with others on Thursday 9th, as emotions are running high and the likelihood of arguments is strong. If you are able to, step away from confrontation then do it. Breathe deeply and know that if someone is angry with/at you, they steal your energy. If you are angry with them then you take on their energies, warts and all, so don't!

Take time this week to begin to complete your intentions for the month/year(s) ahead. Reflect on how far you have come and that which you want to place at the top of your to-do list for reaching your goals. The water sign of Cancer can help with your innovative plans and visualisation practices to strengthen your manifesting and protection rituals.

Ask yourself questions:

  • What are my top 5 Intentions for the remainder of 2021?

  • What areas of my personal world need my focus? Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Social or Intellectual?

  • Is it a time to expand your knowledge or go on that hike or move home?

  • What is your heartfelt focus?

  • How good are your grounding and protection daily practices? Do they need upgrading?

  • When are you happiest?

Affirmations: I am free | I am worthy of receiving | I welcome the changes with open arms.

Intentions and affirmations are super powerful when they come from your heart, feel them, see them in your minds eye and allow yourself to release, heal and grow.

We are being encouraged to widen our spiritual tribe of people and surround ourselves with those that ignite happiness, peace and laughter in our personal world. A period of stability and nesting too so clean and declutter your home, organise that draw/cupboard/room that you have been avoiding so that your external world can aid your ability to remain calm no matter what occurs. If you would like a full House Cleanse I have 11% off for July and it will allow you to take advantage of the expansive energies of change and abundance opening up to us.

No matter where you are, heighten your grounding abilities by breathing deeply and imagine roots going down from your feet into the earth. Smudging your home and yourself helps with this process plus walking in nature and releasing fear and anxiety with treatments such as Reiki Energy Medicine; healing the lost/fragmented parts of your soul with a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Drumming Journey or investigate and clear what happened in your Past Life that is holding you back.

Remember to cleanse your crystals, create your New Moon box and write your note to your angels, spirit guides and your power animals within 24 hours of the New Moon. For guidance we can do a Coaching Call, £45 off this week - £75 per hour and available via Zoom. Your perception is everything and tweaking your thinking makes huge advancements in your world.



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