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Embracing the Change in Seasons

In the UK we are extremely lucky to notice a visible change in the seasons, in peoples habits & how we experience each day. I remember a conversation with a British guy, now living in Australia, some years ago & the biggest thing he misses about the UK, is the beautiful change in seasons. In the past, even a few months ago, I would dread the loss of summer & the ever-approaching winter months but it seems I have had an epiphany & could not be more excited. Don't get me wrong the darker, shorter days will still need some getting used to but I am so appreciating the positives that a balance will be achieved & soon the lighter days will be around once again. The old adage of how we see, think & feel effects our world is so very true. Let's embrace the glorious colour plate of autumn & the rejuvenation of the plants, trees & shrubs, the cosy nights & complete change in our wardrobe.

It is going to be vital to create a new plan, new hobbies, habits or courses to overcome the increased darkness, to generate a new path / way of thinking that prevents seasonal affective disorder from entering our lives. Positivity is a very powerful tool. We have been super blessed locally to have a new outdoor early morning weekly Yoga Class that is so uplifting & allows us to full appreciate the bright sunrise & beauty of nature, even with the morning dew & frosty mist. If you have the opportunity to start something new, something 'outside the box' of your normal thinking then I would say 'go for it!'

"Out with the old, in with the new' is definitely apt here. Tomorrow, 22nd September, is the official Autumn Equinox as we say good bye to summer in the Northern Hemisphere & welcome the shorter days & longer nights. It only last for 3 months & the pattern reverts again on 21st December, just before Christmas & slowly the brighter, longer days return. It is key to enjoy the NOW, so we do not wish time away & so that we work on retraining our brain to like situations that we have previously been taught are miserable & even bad. 

The New Moon yesterday gives us another chance to review our goals for this month & the rest of 2017 & set some new plans into place. See previous blogs on the Full & New Moon. I have created a list of accomplishments for 2017 so that I can continue to build on this & to realise all that has been achieved so far. 

From Aura training that I have completed recently, if you notice that you are picking the same colours to wear - review this so your energy is not getting stuck. We automatically where brighter colours in Spring & Summer - but why not in Autumn & Winter too? I have been wearing a bright pink jumper all day & it has most certainly lifted my spirits. The fashionable colours can often be autumnal to match the outdoor colour tones but my advice is pick bright, happy, inspiring colours that you are drawn too. This can be achieved even with one piece, such as a scarf, try it out & let me know what you discover in the comments below. 

A quote I heard today from Colette Baron Reid "I am not afraid of the dark" - a powerful statement to remember & recall in many life situations, none more so than this time of year.

Have a truly amazing week and email over any questions or thought or experiences. 



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