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The Final New Moon Solar Eclipse of 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Where to begin...the transformations, upgrading and healing that is occurring is exhausting, exhilarating and mind-blowing all at once. I am sure many of you have felt the strong highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster that has been travelling through us. It is a powerful week for inner healing, to clear your auric field for the new energies unfolding. A difficult time of crisis for some, with unexpected setbacks and change that will require all your strength, patience and a calm attitude. Cleansing, grounding and protecting yourself is crucial. The communication of each interaction is fraught with issues and we have the opportunity to find solutions beyond anything we ever imagined. It is very much about breaking new ground and learning new ways to evolve.

The New Moon and full Solar Eclipse are on Saturday 4th December 2021 at 7:43am (UK), 2:43 (New York); 6:43pm (Sydney) and 11:43pm on 3rd December in Los Angeles. This is a Sagittarius Moon that is located in the constellation of Scorpio. This means it is a time of truth, exposure of deception and the uncovering of untruths as the fear narrative is still ramping up. Turn off the news, do not 'worry' about what is being said, it is not all as it seems, variants are introduced to up the scared levels of people so they lower their immune system and the issue grows, ignore it! Remember, your thoughts create your world so work on the strength of your self-respect, self-love and understanding of the current human evolution.

The Winter Solstice on 21st December 2021 is going to take us into a higher octave of consciousness so we can live in heaven on earth. The mass removal of stress, fear and worry is a major goal so that the new generations live life in a vastly improve way. We are not in the physical form to have such hardship, upset and lack of laughter.

Embracing a strong spiritual connection, and the ascension energies, is allowing us to remove the old ways of thinking. The imprints of pain and suffering are leaving us and being stored away in the Akashic records. It is a very exciting period on planet earth as we evolve and blossom, once the lessons we are being shown are worked through. The chakras in your etheric field are opening and working with you at this time of growth. Our DNA is literally being enhanced and developed to aid the ascension of our soul within our physical form. Some souls are encountering aches and pains; changes in body shape and eating habits; exercising more and learning about the alterations as they sleep, through their dreams, the subconscious mind.

Building a soul family of like-minded sentient beings will greatly assist your journey. Many are going through colossal personal healing, so it is going to take patience and improved communication but it can be done!

Prepare yourself this week and complete the ritual, in any form you desire, the link is a guide, trust your intuition. Setting intentions is key and if you are drawn to, burn all that no longer serves you as the emotional upheavals are requiring more releasing (as we would with the Full Moon).

We have a mighty Portal of Ascension opening on 11th December 2021, that will continue until 21st December 2021, so I am running a FREE 11 Day Challenge to help you navigate the biggest Energy Upgrade Earth has ever seen. Register for FREE now, for those already on my mailing list, you will need to register separately to take part, as I will not use the master list, so those taking part are doing so because they truly want to. The challenge will help you stop resisting the lessons showing up and open up to them, so you can learn, grow and heal from the triggers others actions and behaviour's are igniting within you. An exciting period of transformations, set clear boundaries and welcome new souls and greater joy into your world. The pervious conditioning is leaving and we are very able to reclaim our truth and live life on our own terms.

If you want assistance then drop me an email ( to book a Reiki Treatment with some Coaching (In-Person or via Zoom); an Intuitive Reading to guide your path; a Past Life Regression or Soul Retrieval Journey; to buy Crystals for loved ones or any of my services.



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