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Combining CBT & Nutrition for Weight Loss

CBT is a one time form of counselling that works brilliantly to change unhealthy patterns! It is perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and removing constant dieting habits. We need to re-train your thinking to ensure positivity, identifying issue triggers and overcome them. Below is a recommended 5 step plan that works:

  • Motivations:  What will keep me motivated? Why do I want to change? What am I aiming to change?

  • Blockers: What stops me changing?  What are the problem areas? How frequently do they occur?

  • Action Plan: How will I overcome new and old barriers? What will I do to change?

  • Goals: What goals will I set? How many? List daily, weekly and main goals. Be SMART when setting these goals (see below paragraph)

  • Reward System: How will I reward myself as I achieve my goals? List things you enjoy and like to do that do not involve food and plan when to enjoy them! * Notice many of the questions are centred on the positive use of words such as ‘What will I do’.  

SMART goals to use in the plan: Specific - well defined; Measurable – how will the goal be achieved?; Achievable – is it possible?; Realistic – with available time, knowledge & resources; Time Frame – allowing enough time to achieve your goals so as to ensure success!

Once the plan is completed be sure to focus on the smaller goals, so as to not be daunted (or de-motivated!) by the end goal. It is extremely important to remember, if you have a bad day, it is just that 'a bad day', tomorrow is a new day. If you are able to keep a journal, record any issues or lapses and how you overcame them to guarantee success the next time! I am sure you can be your best motivator and accomplish amazing results, you CAN do it.

The use of affirmations and positive thinking are going to be the key to success on your journey to good health and fitness e.g. ‘I can do this’, I am not on a diet but a healthy eating plan’, ‘I love myself and am doing this for me’. You must believe in yourself, your abilities, how wonderfully strong you are and do let us know how you get on! Feed your soul and be at peace in your own skin, we CAN do it!

Love & Light


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