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Black New Moon in Taurus + Ascension Escalation Update

Updated: May 17, 2023

Our goal this moon cycle is Oneness + non-Duality, as we remove the separation of judgement and sense, feel and bring, more Love onto Planet Earth. Vibing higher is our destiny, living more freely and easily is here, now, as we believe it to be so. We are taking control of ourselves in such a beautiful way, standing in our power, knowing how amazing we are. Our re-remembering is on fire, as we recall our past, and future, lives and the consciousness of humanity upgrades. We are in in a time of purification and accelerated ascension is definitely a thing, for those making the decision to wake up and change their thoughts, feelings and understanding of everything.

We have breathtaking energy shifts this week, starting with Jupiter entering Taurus today (16.05.2023). The planet of expansion, abundance, luck and personal growth, mixing with the Taurus traits of stability, strong values, comfort and resourcefulness, reconstructing the energy field further. The old way of being is no more, vibe high, open your heart, increase your soul connections and let the magic in! Change is truly here when you allow the enchanting energies into your world. Beautiful opportunities opening up, as we left Mercury Retrograde on Sunday too (do acknowledge the 5 day shadow period, if you have been heavily affected), let's fully embrace our magnificence. We are not going anywhere, we are altering planet earth and how we function, love energies are expanding, so wonderful.

The Black New Moon in Taurus is on 19th May 2023 at 16:53 London, UK; 08:53 Los Angeles; 11:53 New York and 20th May at 01:53 in Sydney. Strong shifts in energy once more as exotic, erotic, elevated frequencies open up to us, you choose how you absorb and enjoy all that is right now. We choose to be alive right now to manage this remodelling of ourselves and all that is. Everything that has been hidden from us is rising to the surface, so it can be healed/cleared and our ancestral lineage transmuted, as we confront all that we need to release, a very exciting time.

Ascension is the escalated spiritual process with all life forms, removing our limiting beliefs, correcting our perceptions and 'allowing' ourselves to believe life is easy and that we can manifest anything, when we truly feel it in our heart. External 'chaos' is trying to disrupt this but we are powerful, we are rising above this and becoming divine human beings creating New Earth within us. How you perceive all that is happening is your choice every minute, through your own lens of perception. Ascension is a new frequency bandwidth of consciousness, energy and vibration, our reality conforms to us, to our frequency, so shifting your vibration, shifts your world exponentially.

It is lifting the density of the past for us to blossom; everything is energy so working on yours is super important. I would love to help you with this acceleration and my new offering of Kundalini Activation Innerdance (KA) sessions. They work beautifully online via Zoom, so I can see you as you lay down and absorb the life-changing music and energies. Message me for details, booking is open online, some dates: Online Thursday 18th May 19:00-20:30; Online Saturday 20th 10:30-12:00; Tuesday 23rd May 19:00-20:30 (Time Zone = BST). Personal Online + In-Person Activations are available; I want to help all of you bring your bodies online in such a beautiful way. The easiest way to understand it is to try it, my life is transformed, I began with KA's online with a beautiful soul in Mexico in early 2022, so wonderful, opening, healing and activating. Our pineal glands expand, our bodies heal in a stronger way and it is a fired-up grounding experience. Anyway, up to you, it depends how ready you are to develop your light body, to upscale your world and that of those around you.

If The Universe Can't Hear You It Can't Help You

Quantum consciousness, unity consciousness and oneness is happening, do comment with your thoughts, be open and honest with yourself, check in with yourself and work on any programs of limitation, perception and fear that have installed in you. Healing hurts but not all the time, it can be fun and enlightening. Time to have lots of fun, laugh more, experience more, and come together, so the vibration we put out is compellingly effective in initiating ascension growth and change.

Set in the most powerful intentions of your life this New Moon, perform a little ritual, do what works for you but do SOMETHING. The energies and your guides cannot help you if they cannot hear you. The external grid lines of earth are forcing us to clear everything, all the fear and limitations we have put in our own way, it all depends on how much work you have already been done, it is your higher self talking to you every time. Joy, Love and Abundance are our birth right, let's get upgrading today, message if you want help. This Black New Moon + ascension escalation Upgrades are transforming life, us and all that is unfolding, you have a choice every moment how you respond. Sending healing, love and excitement to you all.



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