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  • Understanding the Benefits of Crystal Shapes

    Pyramids are sacred geometrical shapes that collect energy from the universe and centre it down to us (like those found in Egypt!).

  • Crystal Grid for Health & Wellbeing

    Citrine for happiness (& a great wealth stone) Fluorite or Pyrite or Quartz for a peaceful mind and to promote development and aids meditation to remove the unnecessary damaging 'chatter' in our minds Carnelian for its passion & creativity, boosting motivation & willpower Agate for protection, strength and courage Clear Quartz, the Master healer, for energy regulation, remove negativity and for deep soul cleansing Sodalite aids with Communication in relationships of any kind A Crystal point / sphere or pyramid to activate place in the centre - Quartz, particularly Clear or Rose Quartz can be a good idea or whatever you are most drawn to use.

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  • Test 11 | Handserenity

    For Protection & greater Spiritual Awakening Clusters Points Pyramids Dowsing, clarity around questions/decisions Manifestation, Blockage Removal, Extremely Focused Energy Pendulums Spheres Palmstones Eggs Benefits of Crystal Forms Clear Communication; sends energetic vibrations in all directions.

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