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August New Moon, A Doorway To New Worlds

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Our next opportunity to let go of the past, and start afresh, with the powerful new beginnings energies of each New Moon, is on Saturday 27th August at 08:16am in London, UK; 00:16am, Los Angeles, U.S.A; 03:16am New York, U.S.A and at 17:16pm in Sydney, Australia. This moon cycle brings wonderful opportunities for us, once more, to manifest our dreams with the very magnetic energies, when we believe in our abilities and worthiness to receive. The energies of this New Moon phase will be felt from now, until at least 8 days after the moons peak, so we have lots of time to prepare, and focus, on that which we most want to achieve and welcome into our lives.

This New Moon is in the earth sign of Virgo and the traits to embody are their honesty, hardworking mastery, intellect (questioning all you are told) and calm approach to so much of life. The negative traits to be wary of, and remove where you can, are their ruminative habits that lead to excessive over thinking. This extreme mental energy can cause, almost unexplained, stress, tension, anxiety and dis-ease. Let's not encapsulate these patterns into our worlds, or the obsessive perfectionism, which can slow us down and even cripple our own success levels.

The energies, galactic forces, and increase in strength of Lightworkers and Starseeds, has produced massive clearings of old thought patterns, trauma healing and letting go of the past for good, for those open to the power of working with the energies. For anyone still 'stuck' and looking for guidance, do get in touch and I can teach you how to better manage, and understand, all you see, sense and feel, and how it affects every moment of your day. It is THE perfect time for you to allow yourself to evolve, to believe in your own capabilities to heal yourself, and to move away from the negative and destructive societal habits and practices. We have great support from within, and outside of, Mother Earth, call in your angels, guides and dragons for guidance. They will never interfere in the freewill of humanity, it is up to us to ask them for help to improve our planet, our behaviour's, how we treat each other and nature as a whole.

The cataclysmic portal openings throughout 2022 have supplied us with potent streams of light code downloads, improvements to our physical, mental and emotional form plus our psychic abilities. Again, if you do not feel 'up to speed' do message me, you are able to ascend at an accelerated rate with the New Moon energies.

Our sensitivities have increased tenfold and one of the challenges from this is to differentiate between what we truly feel and what is the desires of others. You have got this, remember it is not about anyone else, those you love will benefit from all you manifest for yourself. The veil is definitely thinning and knowledge is, once more, seeping in, allowing us to expand our capabilities, visions and powers. The key is to know that all you are provided with is for the highest good of all, to help yourself and society, to ensure we improve life for all the generations to come.

During the coming months, we are going to see an uprising of change, celebrations and multiple new beginnings. It is truly up to each and everyone one of you whether you remain in the outdated 3D Matrix of stress, worry, fear, unhappiness, over pricing, over charging and control or not. The ascension energies are encouraging you to do the healing work, mindset retraining and embrace laughter, love and pleasure. Everything is there for 'the taking', we just need to believe with all our hearts, alter our perceptions and manifest the beautiful lives we deserve.

I know that I can help you work miracles in your life but unless a person is prepared to do the work necessary on themselves, outside of the sessions and teachings, then they will remain stuck and constantly call back into their lives the same issues, illnesses and people, over and over again. It has been one of my biggest upsets on this journey of spiritual growth, as I want to help everyone live in heaven on earth but realised years ago that it is not possible, as not everyone wants to heal themselves. Long term transformation is a two-way street, so please do not expect a healer to 'do all the work' as it will not last, you need to join in the party of metamorphosis and TODAY would be a good day.

Sexual energy is a centre of attention with the ascension energies, encouraging tantric practices (alone or with a partner) that awaken our inner god/goddess to a new level of enjoyment, exceeding our expectations. Loving every part of your being is paramount as you transition, fully awakening to the energies and it strengthens your connection to the universe. Our diets are high on the agenda too, moving away from consuming animals, dairy products and processed foods, and replacing them with naturally grown foods from the earth is important for you and those growing up. Liquids are a great way to consume all the nutrients we need, via juicing and soups. The main reason for upgrading what you eat is so that you do not waste energy on the digestion process (especially with things like meat, which take days to full digest, stealing your energy in the process, yuk!), to use your energy more wisely, to enjoy life moment by moment. Sugar is the same, the energy it takes as it spikes, then dips, affecting your mood, tiredness and clarity of thought. It is a big cause of irritation and mental confusion, that can lead to depression, anxiety and illness. The old ways are NOT right, we have been force feed (literally, heehee) lies to ensure that we manifest disease and troubles. Knowledge has been greatly suppressed from us but that is changing rapidly in 2022, very exciting times.

Another way we can help the generations following us is by opening their minds to the power of the energies. I am super passionate about teaching (& treating) our children Reiki Energy Healing so they learn how to better manage stress, anxiety, depression, labels such as ADHD, and the many challenges of life. They are our future and need to understand the power of working with the energies within and around them and how it greatly upgrades their lives.

Bringing the healing magic of crystals into the lives of young people too, allows them to benefit from natures medicine. There are lots of new ones in my Online Crystal Shop - cleanse them in the sunlight, charge them in the moonlight and 'give them a job' by programming them, setting an intention for each one, so they can assist you. Message me with any questions.

A suggested Ritual is here, as always follow your intuition and do what works for YOU. The main point is to write down, read (+3 times constantly) your hearts biggest desires. Intention setting is a wonderful tool for manifesting in your life. Remember you need to ‘do the work’, only YOU can relearn new ways to think, feel and perceive life and every thought you think. Have a magical week of abundance, love and adventures.



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‘Be YOU , the World Will Adjust’

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