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A Tool For Getting What You Want

As a continuation of the blog on A Lesson in Creative Visualisation I wanted to talk about the power of Mood Boards for manifesting. Creating your very own board is a powerful, positive & exciting step towards manifesting your goals. I find it useful to carry some of the affirmations with you or place them in an area of significance i.e. somewhere they will be visible to you daily. I also have an alarm set on my phone for 11.11 & 15.15, so I am reminded daily to visual my goals as having happened. 

Your Board can take any form you like i.e. pictures from magazines; printouts of photos you have or that you find on the internet or you can draw your treasure map, it is entirely up to you! My board is made of cork board with photographs & printouts from the internet pinned to it, of all that I am manifesting & plan to achieve in the coming months / years, this includes a new kitchen for Mum! 

#1 Be sure to include lots of colour, keep everything positive & add a picture of you.

#2 Include symbols that have meaning and power, that best represent universal intelligence to you. I have 2 versions of the Abundance Symbol & an OM. 

#3 Add affirmations "Here is my fabulous new car" & finish each one with "All or something better is now manifesting, in an easy & relaxed manner, in a healthy & positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all. Make it so." 

#4 Use any topics that feature in your goals list, such as, health, relationships, self-image, career, hobbies, places of travel, anything that is relevant to you. 

Basically let your imagination open up & your creativity flourish. This is about what we want not how we are going to get it, that will come as we allow our thoughts to focus on visualising our goals & dreams as being here, in the now. 

Remember, you can create a specific Mood Board / Treasure Map for one desired goal or for multiple manifestations. My landlady created one, with her fiancée, for her wedding day & it all came true! It is a combination of the belief it will happen & us taking the steps towards its creation.

We are in such a transformative time, let's work on creating our ideal lifestyle and then we will have the joy & strength to help others achieve theirs. Using the Mood Board & Creative Visualisation we are building a new state of consciousness, where we are the creators of our universe & we are taking responsibility for our choices & our desires & fulfilling our life purpose.

Message / comment below with any questions or ideas of your own that you have. Have an amazing weekend / week.



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