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Updated Blog: Why Innerdance Kundalini Activation - Be-Cause, As My Knowledge Expands Whilst Studying With The Founder, Pi Villaraza, For 2024


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Innerdance For Children

Healing for The Mind, Body + Soul

Resetting the neural paths, regulating the nervous system, and providing structure to the brain. Achieving new levels of balance, and relief, from behavioural +  attention issues, releasing trauma and attaining calmness, peace and grounding. The unique souls amongst us that have been labelled with Autism, ADHD, ODD, attain a greater understanding of themselves via the subconscious mind, discovering a renewed sense of peace and clarity. Sessions help hypersensitive, empathic souls with issues of anger, learning difficulties, neurodiversity, confidence building, communication and relief from growing pains.


Clearing of emotional, physical + mental blockages, a conscious meditation,  generating renewed perspectives on everything. Brain reorganising, as we stimulate the brain oscillations available during sleep, a lucid dreaming state, to advance their development and nurture their innate abilities.

A dance that happens inside of us, not a physical dance. Lay on the floor, close the eyes + immerse oneself in the music + energy transmissions. 

Innerdance For Children

Emma Hands ~ Energy Alchemist

Emma loves to help people of all ages, especially the younger souls, those misunderstood by society, that require new levels of understanding for the growth of themselves, their guardian and the world as a whole.


Let's ensure the next generations do not grow up with the fear, stress and worry we did, that they learn to be themselves now, rather than needing to find themselves at a later stage in life. 

Life IS Easy When We Choose It To Be So

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