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Animal Reiki Treatments

"Reiki is the secret art of inviting happiness". Dr Mikao Usui
Handserenity Animal Reiki
Main Benefits of Reiki for Animals
Animal Reiki by Handserenity
Regular Reiki brings a greater level of calm & grounding to the every day lives of both animals & humans.

Physical Health 
Treatments work to relieve numerous issues such as stress & anxiety. Animals can take on the tension within a home, wanting to remove it from the human(s). as they do with illnesses. Reiki promotes relaxation & can aid breathing problems, depression & fatigue.

Ease Pain
Reiki Energy Healing stimulates & ignites the immune system and their own ability to heal, helping to restore internal balance, therefore reducing pain & improving overall health. 

Emotional Cleanse
Sessions remove negative fears & emotions aiding growth of performance & their ability to not get anxiety in challenging circumstances. Much disease & illness is emotional based so regular treatments strengthen their overall wellbeing. It clears build-ups of emotional, physical & mental blockages regularly strengthens their health & wellbeing. It helps are turmoil, trauma & periods of grief.

Reiki is very grounding and can help with development and behavioural training, as they become more relaxed, when used on a regular basis.

Reiki Energy Healing is amazing for animals, they are so intuitive! Do email any further questions you may have to [email protected] or see the FAQ's page.
Handserenity Animal Reiki

During the Session

Animals are very intuitive & receptive to healing. Sessions work best in their natural environment, as it further promotes relaxation for them. Emma is based in Richmond Upon Thames and is happy to travel within reasonable distance, as it important every animal receives the care they deserve. 
Handserenity Animal Reiki
Handserenity Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki Treatments
I adore helping everyone & to be able to assist animals with their growth & healing is wonderful. Animal Reiki is most definitely one of my passions as it promotes deep relaxation & enhances their performance, as it removes stress & anxiety, as with human Reiki. Also, when animals have experienced trauma from abuse, loss, a move or they exhibit depression or behavioural problems then Reiki can help, it is a very effective therapy. 
With so many advantages of treatments, one of the most important is that Reiki ignites the immune system to restore optimum health & relieve pain. Animals can take on pain, stress & dis-ease from their guardians & owners, so it is an awesome tool to help them heal. Reiki can be used on animals of all ages and is great for palliative care for both patient and owner. It helps pets with removing any guilt, if they are not in optimum health, & needing to pass over. Reiki works well alongside Veterinary care and is not a medical alternative. Often animals can be their guardian’s only companion causing guilt & stress at leaving them on their own.
Reiki works well alongside Veterinary care when they are not in optimum health. Animals are very intuitive (as I am sure you know!) and are particularly receptive to Reiki energy. If they do bark, growl or run away because they are in too much pain and discomfort then distance Reiki can be used to help alleviate the pain and trauma. This can be done across the room or via distance visualisation.Reiki can be used on animals of all ages and is good for palliative care, for both patient and owner.
Do get in touch with any questions, Emma. Email: [email protected] or Call: +44 (0) 208 892 4627 or 07949089265.

Distance Sessions


Pricing for
Smaller Animals,
such as Cats & Dogs.

Animal Reiki by Emma @Handserenity
Animal Reiki by Emma

Pricing for
Larger Animals,
such as Horses.

Animal Reiki by Emma @Handserenity
Pay online today or in person on the day via AMEX, VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay. Discounts for bulk booking of treatments.
Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate. Disclaimer: Reiki is a form of natural healing and not a substitute for medical treatments and so it should be used alongside veterinary care, in times of extreme illness.