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You Have Got This...

Often we find we 'crash' when the Universe requires us to take a different road and to learn an enhanced level of being, beyond anything we have ever imagined possible. See it as an opportunity to truly be who we want to be, in every area of your life, outside of the learned constraints of society.

We are taught that our concentration should be work and the job title we have in order to earn 'respect' and feel 'valued' in this world. The journey is so much more than that, including our emotional wellbeing, relationships, fitness and travel. We can all live a better life than is (almost) larger than our wildest dreams. We just need to BELIEVE and we will ACHIEVE, take the actions and watch the miracles unfold!

Family pressures can cause us to 'slip backwards', to feel as though we have not truly moved on, when we often have clearly changed so considerably, yet are still viewed as the low achiever, the misfit and outcast. Sometimes this is exacerbated by our own perceptions and drop in self worth in certain situations. It was interesting as Grey's Anatomy (TV Drama) featured a good example tonight, as one of their top surgeons experienced a family occasion that caused her to feel like the small, messed up little girl, instead of the amazing woman she has become! We really must stand our ground (in our own minds) when events like this take place. We are ALL worthy, important and unique. There is, at all times, more to learn, to heal and to grow from, and these parts of the journey can be exciting, whilst scary and confusing too.

Another important factor is that ageing does not have to be a part of life. It is a further growth journey as you learn and build a greater understanding of your purpose but it, again, does not need to define you. One of my pet hates is 'oh it is because I am getting older', 'oh I won't be able to because...' - as I have said many times before, the cells in your body hear ALL you say, STOP putting yourself down, STOP conforming to the mainstream belief system and start to change the perceptions and teachings for the next generations NOW, before it is to late. We have the power to alter the lives of many, so they live far better existences in their physical form than has been seen before. Travelling more, living in a beautiful location with the ideal relationships and family around us is not exclusive to a certain group of people; it is THE journey everyone can strive to have.

A key lesson is to break everything down and create a vision, what Jon & Missy Butcher of Lifebook call our own North Star ( Knowing who you are and want to be, without a doubt, provides you with the motivation to be amazing and at peace with yourself. As Jon & Missy often say, 'don't get swept up in someone else's vision, or the ideas applied to the world via media, adverts, our education and career title'. Their Lifebook Course gets you to look deeply into your thought processes in all the categories of health and fitness, relationships, career, material goals, travel and financial freedom. You create a personal life bible, to keep by your side and monitor your own healing, growth and clearly defined aspirations for the future.

Plan your strategy for an extraordinary life, to be sure you are fulfilled in all areas of your life journey TODAY.

Personally, a goal is to remember my own self-importance in a crowd, not in an arrogant way but because only you know who you have become and continue to metamorphosise into. Others get the opportunity to experience this as you interact with them in various walks of life. Making time for each other is also important, all the while being sure to take time for your own balancing, grounding and healing.

Ultimately we need to realise we CAN be happy, free and fulfilled, no matter what has gone on before. Good luck with the next stages of your life journey, in truly discovering your life purpose, your path and your wildest dreams and desires.

A quote from one of my tarot clients today summed things up perfectly: 'Clean up what you are dreaming for'.



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