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What is CBD Oil?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I have been talking with my clients about CBD oil & Hemp products for over a year & although I have yet to try it, I believe in the results it produces.

Clients with chronic illnesses or who have experienced severe accidents have seen amazing results from using the oils, balms & pastes. It does not negatively affect your behaviour or your mind and a lot of the reports I have read & videos I have watched, by independent users, say that there are no negative side effects and you don't feel 'high' or super tired. 

Design with Ease

Clients with chronic illnesses or who have experienced severe accidents have seen amazing results from using the oils, balms & pastes.

Cannabidioil (CBD) is naturally occurring chemical compound, a critical phytocannabinoid, found in the hemp plant. It is not the same as Hemp seeds, which don't contain cannabinoids, CBD is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant and taken orally, under the tongue, in food and drinks, inhaled with a vape pen or applied as a salve or cream. That is why I was excited to discover the new (to me!) CBD company that produce the product in beautiful Sweden and which I will talk about later. I have clients who have struggled to access good quality oils. The cannabinoid responsible for getting someone high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), not CBD, and Marijuana has a high percentage of THC unlike hemp.

CBD works as the human body has numerous receptors, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), that help us maintain our health and wellbeing and the CBD & cannabinoids fit into these receptors and aid the body in improving and increasing overall wellness and resorting balance. Our ECS gets run-down/ out of whack because of stress, poor diet & exposure to toxins. One extreme example of this is severe epilepsy, causing multiple, often life threatening, seizures which has lead to the legalisation of Cannabidioil (CBD) in the UK, the oil has been proven to stop / massively decrease the attacks. The products also help people reduce debilitating anxiety, it reduces cortisol levels & regulate blood sugar levels, alleviates chronic pain, acts as an anti-inflammatory, aids with skin conditions such as psoriasis, nausea relief and helps the body to heal from nasty dis-eases such as the Big 'C'. It is also recommended for people who endure problems sleeping, when taken at night it ensures you wake up fully rested!

I was very fortunate to meet a lovely company, a fellow stall holder, at the market on Sunday in Richmond that I mentioned earlier. They are the premier alcohol extracted CBD in the UK, extracting full spectrum raw CBD Oil nature’s solvent for nature’s medicine. They are vegan, 100% organic and use the Spagyric Method of extraction, basically a more spiritual way of doing it! Here is a great video from their producer Mait via YouTube, click HERE & worth watching! Spagyrics is a philosophy in ancient alchemy where you separate plants down to its 3 main principles soul/mind/body to then recombine and this then produces truly unique and holistic plant extracts that work in synergy with the human body. Combining the mind, body and spirit (mercury, salt and sulphur) of the plant not only maintains the compounds in their original ratio, but also allows the compounds to work in perfect harmony, just as nature intended, thus creating a far more potent and effective product.

The Company is Advance Biotech & the website is If you buy via Handserenity (myself) then I can offer you discounts of 5 -15%, dependent on the volume of the order, call (07949089265) or email We can transfer the funds & I can get the items sent directly to you! I would also love to hear any of your experience's of CBD & Hemp products and how you have benefited and what it has helped you resolve, message me!




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