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The Importance of Gratitude Journals

"No matter what is going on in your life, if you concentrate on what you have you will end up having more. If you focus on what you don't have you will never, ever, ever have enough" Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has been writing a Gratitude Journal for the last 12 years and stands by the fact that it is the single best thing she has ever done! Writing a daily journal can help us through difficult periods in our lives, allowing us to re-focus on what we do have & are grateful for, rather than what we had, what is missing or we feel we lack. Remove the lack and replace it with gratitude and joy for what you have and watch how things improve! Even on bleak days discover little things that make you smile, such as birds singing, children laughing, learning or trying something, anything that cheers you up.

It is a great idea to list 5 or 10 things every day that you are grateful for. The list can be complied in the evening from events during the day or first thing in the morning, to start your day off on a high note. They can be small, medium or large, whatever springs to mind, just be sure to write them down, as the written word is more powerful.  Focusing on the positive things in our world has a profound effect on our mood and, as such, the mood of those around us. Gratitude helps to build compassion and appreciation for friends, family and people we encounter daily. 

There is always, most certainly, some good in your world, if you look hard enough! Waking up and appreciating the bed you have slept in and the running water from the tap works wonders as there are many many people with far less than the 'basics' we can to enjoy every day.

Purchasing a nice new book and pen for your journal can be a great start to your journey into daily positive thinking. We all have ups and downs but it is how we climb back and rebuild our strength, happiness and desire to enjoy each moment that defines us. 

As a sensitive empath, I find it incredibly draining and difficult to be around people who are constantly complaining and concerning themselves with the negative in the world. Worry, complaint and negativity will not change our environment or the world in which we live but gratitude, laughter and positivity will. Laughter is infectious and I defy anyone to remain miserable around happy, relaxed people who are constantly working to cultivate gratitude and abundance through self-reflection and appreciation for even the small things daily.

Expressing gratitude with words and deeds enhances the experience and with grace and the awareness that we have not earned or deserve all that we have been given, we really can find a new path. Discovering new ways to enjoy the NOW and ensuring we are not waiting on things to change but actually changing them ourselves NOW is a great way to be. Embracing gratitude into your life has been scientifically proven to increase  your long term happiness by 25%!

Start your journal today and do let me know how you get on or if this is something you already do, please share any tips you have.

Have an awesome week.



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