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The 12 Spiritual Chakras

As I am sure I have written about previously, the word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. Translated literally from Hindu it means 'Wheel of Spinning Energy'. The seven chakras on the body tend to be the ones most people know about & work with them. The others become more important and points of focus as our spiritual knowledge & work grows. 

It is vital we keep our chakras balanced, they are energy points within us that when in alignment we see improvements in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. It really is as important as going to the gym that is why healing modalities such as reiki need to be practised regularly on each of us. One day booking a monthly treatment session will be as common as a gym membership (she says hoping & praying!). 

The 12 Chakras are our connection to the Universe, expanding our grounding to the earth and links to the universe. They allow us to draw from the powerful energies outside of our bodies and to open up our human experience and our inner truth. Everyone has their own understanding of the chakras so don't be concerned if you read different interpretations, form your own opinions based on your guidance and learning.

Divine Gateway Chakra - 12th - Shimmering Gold

The twelfth chakra allows us to increase and stretch beyond our 'common' sphere of understanding into universal unity. It aids mastering the souls purpose, along with the other chakras.

Galactic Chakra - 11th - Pink Orange  

Know as the mind-over-matter chakra as it emphasises the mind as a powerful tool to shape matter. It is used by Shamans to produce magic and to influence the physical with supernatural powers. I am more and more drawn to Shamanic work so I shall be investigating this one lots more!

Universal Chakra - 10th - Pearlescent / White

For our physical wellbeing and connects us to the grounding earth energies and our environment and nature (with the Earth & Root Chakras).



Spirit Chakra - 9th - Blue Green 

Seat of the Soul  - It is our connection to spirit (with the 8th chakra) for activating your spiritual skills & infinite energy and spiritual compassion. It is used for 'letting go' as we release old attitudes, to stop anything that is holding us back. Connecting and working with this chakra brings about momentous changes in our way of thinking and living. This, plus the 8th, are the one I am most drawn to at the moment, they say we teach what we most need to learn!

Soul Star Chakra - 8th - Seafoam Green  - Approximately one inch above the Crown Chakra

Access to your soul's purpose, your Akashic records (another blog entirely!) useful for Shamanic healing and communication with our spirit guides. It works closely with the 9th Chakra to allow us to connect to our higher selves and widen our joy of experiencing life in our physical bodies.

Crown Chakra - 7th - Violet - Sahasrara

Spirituality - found at the top of the head this chakra represents enlightenment, intuition and spirituality.

Third Eye Chakra - 6th - Indigo - Ajna

Intuition - middle of the forehead, between the eyes and aids our psychic perception, ESP and telepathy.

Throat Chakra - 5th - Blue - Vishudda

Communication - located in the neck this represents  creativity, represents communication, self-expression and emotions.

Heart Chakra - 4th - Green - Anahata

Love Chakra, in the middle of the chest, represents Spiritual growth, compassion, devotion, love and emotions.

Solar Plexus - 3rd - Yellow - Manipura

This is where our Power lies, the upper abdomen (stomach) where food is assimilated, turned into energy and distributed throughout the body. 

Sacral Chakra - 2nd - Orange - Swadhisthana - (or Polarity Chakra)

Located just above the naval, this is known as the chakra for Survival and represents our perceptions, first impressions of people and sexual energy. 

Root (Base) Chakra -1st - Red - Muladhara

Our Survival Centre found at the base of the spine and associated with life, birth, creation and physical vitality.

Earth Star Chakra - Core of the Earth - Brown

This is your personal link to the earth's life force energy and keeps us grounded. It is where infinite divine light flows up from the earth through the Earth Star Chakra into your root chakra then up throughout the chakras.

This is what I have learnt so far but I am sure there will be future blogs on the topic, many have varying opinions especially with the purpose of the 8th & 9th chakras. It is always best to go with your own instinct and intuition, as you are guided too. If you are interested in working with your chakras then do book a Reiki / Crystal Reiki session or one of my Reiki Workshops and improve your health, wellbeing and stress levels!



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The Seven Main Chakras

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