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Super New Moon Personal Frequency Upgrade Tomorrow

Strong intention setting is required of us all this Friday, 16th October 2020, for welcoming in the new beginnings the New Moon has waiting for us. Verbalise, write and/or visualise an intention EVERY morning going forwards. We have the power to metamorphose our lives each and every day, so get to it!!! The Moon phase this week is a Supermoon at 8.30pm (UK), 12.30pm (PST), the closest a Supermoon will be to earth this year. Powerful energies so do the work and ensure you are prepared, prior to the 2nd Full Moon of the month, in Taurus, a Blue Moon, on 31st October 2020.

Visualise, put pen to paper, and refer back to, your desires frequently and get set for miracles to occur. This phase is turning up the heat within us and all that is happening for us. Breathe, release and believe in YOU, are the key requirements right now. The unsettled energies are coming to a head and you must control your environment, your thoughts and your plans for moving forwards. A period of upgrading the frequency you put out into the world, massive manifesting and helping others with their transformation, growth and releasing of negative energies.

The impulsive, impatient, Aries energies are continuing to challenge many of us and shake up what is happening within the world. The possibility of natural and political earthquakes, the unearthing of secrets and important disclosures of hidden information, are expected to come to the surface and implode. Astrological signs feeling triggered will include Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Whether this is your birth sign, moon sign or one you affiliate with, we are all unique and interact with the signs in our own way, go with your intuition.

Mercury Retrograde began yesterday, Thursday 14th, see more details in the blog: Ways to Dazzle this Mercury Retrograde. The 19th October is another day of energy shifts, causing great reshaping of humanity. Mercury and Uranus are two planets that are triggering the unearthing of secrets and the 'we are not taking it any more' that so many are saying...a period of massive change is upon us. Head spinning extremes of emotions and levels of communication is our journey this month. Communicate super clearly, resend, repeat and make sure what you are conveying is clearly understood. As long as you are speaking your truth and living authentically then be patient as you communicate with others. They will always have their own perceptions and responses. Surprises are on the way, negative, positive, life altering, so many emotions, thoughts, and situations that cause us to question our path, are not going to stop just yet.

Empaths, psychics and lightworkers everywhere, we are being called to step up...plant the seeds, set intentions, trust our intuition and prepare, is our calling now. Stress has been unavoidable but how we handle everything, from today, is our choice. Protect yourself from others negative talk, lack of actions and behaviours, know how truly amazing you are and let others undergo their own journey and healing path. We cannot help everyone, as much as we want too, if they want to remain stuck or on the 'slow train' then that is their choice! Send them compassion, love and release any attachment to your energies, so they do not hold you back.

On the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2020, we are welcoming a huge wave of light energy and a transformative time for so many of us. Astrologically, Jupiter and Saturn come together in conjunction in Aquarius...this only happens every 20 years and signifies a major shift in the world. Consumerism, the focus on possessions over happiness, the 'I will do that one day' will continue to transform. 2020 has taught vast amounts of physical souls that life can be conducted in a whole new way. Working from home, living in your dream place (no longer needing to be close to the office) and more importantly, that having fun is our top priority, not working 24/7 doing something we despise, that does not make our hearts sing.

Those drawn to awaken more spiritually please get in touch and let's get you prepared for the changes ahead. Study and learn all you can about working with the energies that surround us, so that you can flourish and enjoy this life journey on a greater level. Now is our time to dramatically change our world, our view of all we experience and to thrive in a whole new way.

We are in this together, one heart, one mind and a phase of more souls coming together to help the positive evolution of the planet. You always have a choice, ultimately; in your life plan so get setting those intentions and letting the universe know your true desires. Have a stunning few days, laugh at every opportunity and enjoy your New Moon Ritual. Remember to cleanse your crystals and rearrange them (should you feel drawn to). As always, if you want assistance with your spiritual awakening with my Coaching classes; with removing the negative energy blockages with Reiki Energy Healing or resetting the energies within your Home, then do get in touch and we can get you booked in. All my Courses can be taught via Skype, In-Person or with a Home Visit (location dependant).



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One of my mantras: "Be you the world will adjust"

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