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Strength of Distance Reiki Healing & Tarot Readings

I want to break the myth around the strength and power of distance healing and tarot readings, including Reiki attunements. More & more people are discovering how amazingly powerful and accurate distance therapy can be! The practitioner just needs to 'tune-in' to the healing energy of Reiki and mentally focus on the recipient for it to work, same with Tarot Readings, 'tuning in' to the client, their location and human form, for distance readings to work!

To look into the science behind it all: entrainment or mode-locking is the process where two interacting oscillating systems assume a common period, causing them to vibrate in harmony. The object with the weaker vibration will begin to match the one with the stronger vibration. Physicist Christian Huygens, inventor of the pendulum clock, found that two pendulum clocks ‘fall into synchrony’ when placed near to each other, this has been backed up by many more studies and is seen as a basic law of physics.

Birds fly in unison (entrainment) and (some) women who live or work together fall into sync with their menstrual cycles, sending Reiki at a distance causes our bodies to fall into sync and heal. Entrainment is best described as the conversation of energy; we do not need to be next to each other to have a conversation!

Reiki is described as similar to radio waves, when we tune in we pick up the radio signal, much the same as ‘tuning in’ to the universal life force for performing healing Reiki sessions. As we ‘tune in’, Reiki is channelled through us to the recipient, often without touching the client, therefore the client does not need to be present to receive the healing! Natural healing vibrations are transmitted from the Practitioner, who acts as a conduit for Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki heals the imbalances in the body to bring balance, greater insight, awareness, wisdom and personal growth as it clears the energy blockages life has generated for us over time. The more regular you receive Reiki treatments the more aligned you are, less stressed, less anxious and more able to deal with the challenges life throws at you!

‘Learning’ Reiki has been likened to plugging a lamp into an electricity outlet, the energy is already within us, it just needs to be 'turned on' via the Reiki attunements, from a Reiki Master. Energy is everywhere and our bodies are energetic by nature. Our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our blood, thoughts and so on, vibrate at higher frequencies, this magnetic pulse is known as a bio magnetic field (Ki, Prana, Chi). Scientists have found that measuring the body’s magnetic field with magneto cardiograms and magneto encephalograms can often provide more accurate indications of what is happening in the body than traditional electrical measurements. 

Whilst receiving a Reiki treatment, the energy that emanates from the practitioner produces a significantly larger bio magnetic reading (7-10Hz – Theta and Alpha range), causing physical healing to occur. It is wonderful to see the growth of Reiki throughout the world, as more and more people and studies, show the effectiveness of Reiki. Reiki clears the blocked emotional & physical elements that can lead to illness & dis-ease, to restore balance & promote healing. 

During in-person or distance Reiki sessions & Reiki Attunements, the practitioner and client are two oscillating, vibrating objects working to bring the client into greater harmony, every atom in the universe and cell in our bodies are in a constant state of vibration.  Further confirming distance-healing works for us all!

Reiki Therapy is unique because of the attunements the practitioner receives which open the channel within them so they are in direct contact with the universal life force and these remain open forever! Allowing the practitioner to become an amazing channel of life energy it is not limited by time and space; the distance attunements align the body & mind to increase the flow of energy significantly, ensuring the healer has a clear connection with the universal energy. 

Once attuned Reiki is on speed dial, like a Wi-Fi signal, we know the signal is there, even if we cannot see it but we can channel the energy whenever we 'login' to the Universal Life Force Energy. In order to practice Reiki distance attunements are as effective as 'in person'.

Interesting YouTube video from Robert Lanza entitled What are space and time? Further goes on to explain time and space. Link here:

Distance Angel Tarot Readings are therefore effective in much the same way as with Reiki, it is about 'tuning in' to the location and physical form of the client, in order to produce an accurate reading.

Have an amazing week!


** News Flash, we will very soon be offering an Online Reiki Course, with distance attunements for anyone wanting to learn the Art of Reiki Healing and to share it with others. Keep an eye on the website for full details:

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