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Strawberry Super Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We have the Strawberry Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 12:51pm (London, UK); 04:51am (Los Angeles, U.S.A); 07:51am (New York, U.S.A) & 21:51 (Sydney, Australia). At the same time, the Sun is in Gemini, so we have the playfulness of Gemini and the unique traits of Sagittarius to embrace. Sagittarius is a mix of intensity, passion, adaptability, flexibility and curiosity, all wonderful characteristics to aid us at this time! Plus, placing any fear and worry in the bin is so important with this lunar phase. We are not meant to be so stressed and this moon cycle provides clear signs to you, giving you the clues of what you need to alter to enjoy each moment. The universe will keep 'slapping you around the face' until you listen or get sick or attract such negativity that you are forced to change.

It would be best to stop putting off embracing the energies and the strength and magnificence that you hold within you but it is entirely up to you! I know some are happiest living in 'victim' mode or so used to the negative mindset, that they don't believe they can change, well they can, we are all spectacular human beings. Judgement of ourselves and others is taught from birth but no judgement transforms the messages you send to every cell in your body. I can only plant the seed, follow your own inner guidance on your next steps.

The planetary alignments that are occurring at the same time as this dynamic moon phase is going to ensure big shifts occur throughout the world. Love wins every time and the energies are with us on this journey, the changes are visible to those aware of their spiritual connection. If you feel called to change jobs, relationships, to launch a new project, then know the energies are behind you, even though we are still in the shadow period from Mercury Retrograde. When you feel that your intuitive sense is so strong that you should proceed, then take the leap.

This is a period when many are becoming more aware of their internal power, ability to heal themselves and to live with a greater level of freedom. The Full Moon energies are supplying incredible opportunities for us to heal and open fully to the knowledge that we are held, we are loved and we are protected. Take time for you, still your mind and absorb the healing energies on offer to you.

Spiritual Awakening = unlearning that which is holding you back and a beautiful way to describe this ascension process is that by raising the vibration within your body it creates a new belief in all you can achieve and manifest into your life. It allows for a strong shift in perspective and is a self realisation journey, that will see your view of the world transform instantly.

The energies are quiet exquisite, yet still very up and down. Ascension symptoms manifest in different forms for all of us. Many have been experiencing night sweats, heart palpitations and extreme moods. When you experience the major lows, know you are purging, feel through it and allow it to clear. Relax, release and do not overthink anything. Our ego is trying to deter us from progressing but once we become aware that it is not what we truly think and feel in our heart, then we can override the ego and thrive.

It is a great idea to begin writing down your releasing pages for burning, and don't forget to complete a list of all that you have achieved and where you are on your healing journey. Being grateful for where you are works wonders, the energy we emanate is matched by the universal energies. A massive reason why when you work on your positive mindset, having fun with even the smallest tasks, then you welcome more joy into your life. Find practices that help you calm down in the chaos, walking, meditating, applying self-reiki, whatever works for you.

Although it is the Full Moon, so releasing is the focus, you are being invited to once more review your intentions. This then helps to further raise your vibration, so the Universe can match your frequency and help you manifest that which you most desire. Following the Full Moon, we have the Summer Solstice on 21st June 2022, another magical day in the evolution of humanity.

My life's purpose is to help more of you become fully spiritually connected and enjoying life on a whole new level. Do get in touch, if you would like to book one of my services, my contact details are below. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that the energies are bringing up, let yourself cry when you need to, laugh as much as possible and be gentle with yourself.



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