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Spirituality vs Religion

"I find it hard to believe that the vast, incredible Intelligence that created this entire Universe is only an old man sitting on a cloud above the Planet Earth... watching my genitals!" Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, the biggest self-help publishers in the world.

The topic of Religion is such an explosive subject, just like the great firework image on this blog! Religion, as a concept, has always filled me with fear, as it has been the cause of so much destruction in the world. It has come across as so controlled and almost brain washing, as others are being told by another what to do and how to feel.

God appeared to be the belief system of so many that partake in wars, violence and extreme hatred towards others that I shied away from any mention of this word. One set of religious beliefs appears to insult and under mine another so often. It has been proven that constant criticism then leads to a di-seased body, to illnesses such as arthritis, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and even more harmful di-seases.

In my life now, I understand God to mean universal love and I adore this quote by Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be Me, “god is not a being but a state of being”. The best quote I have heard on the topic.

The only rules in spirituality is to think in the now, live in the now and love yourself and others! It is about our experiences and not following the rules of another. Spirituality is loving yourself, the world and everyone around you, no matter what they do, no matter how negative they are. The negativity is the person’s own karma, understanding that spirituality is not following a ‘religion’ has had a profound effect.

I have also previously looked in Buddhism and felt the practices again ‘told’ you what to do & how to live. I meet a guy who was a practicing Buddhist who was still very angry and judgmental of others and critical of others behaviour towards him. What others do or think of you does not matter! I am still very interested in Buddhism, how it all came about and works in society today, I have 4 buddha statues in my life (so far!) as I find them extremely calming but spirituality is the way forwards for me personally.

On an aside, I heard a great explanation of an atheist entering the next realm and there shocked reactions, by psychic medium John Edward, who can see those who have passed over - “we may be on different airlines but we all have to go through customs on arrival!”

We have the power within ourselves to CHOOSE, to control out thoughts, and be happy and carefree no matter what life throws at us! Everyone has their own way of dealing with life. I have just found that spirituality gives us the strength to make the world a better place, without anger, hatred or fear of others!



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