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Spirited Taurus New Moon

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A welcome shift in energies is coming on Wednesday April 23rd at 03.25am, in the UK, with the next New Moon and calling us to set clear intentions and review our priorities and goals. Taurus is an Earth sign, very grounding, and reminding us to walk barefoot in the grass. It is my birth sign, having my birthday in lockdown will be a new challenge, but all happening as it should.

This Moon will heighten emotions and intensify our restlessness, it is the middle of spring after all, we are eager to get outside and share this journey with others. Increasing our patience and stability, our ability to embrace uncertainty with joy, and constantly reminding ourselves of all we are grateful for, not what we do not have, then we can thrive, as we discover more about ourselves and how we perceive life.

I think we are getting more familiar with expecting the unexpected, accepting the uncertainty is the way forwards. The New Moon cycles are all about new beginnings so let's harness this and see what we can achieve. Work through the shock, grief and fear that 2020 has brought, there is so many positives arising daily, make them your focus.

If you want to review your Life Path with the Angels (Only £35 until Friday 24th April) then we can book an Intuitive Reading via Skype / FaceTime and see what your focus is and all you need to do now to reformulate your life plan. It is about 'what can we learn from this' rather than 'why is this happening to me'. This needed to happen, humans were not appreciating the Earth and the energy that surrounds us. I am also discounting Distance Reiki Treatments, my Online Courses & Teaching via Skype for this New Moon Week, to get everyone motivated for setting their intentions and redefining their goals, with the shift in energies and new beginnings opening up. To book, email

We needed to lose ourselves at this time to reinvent who we are and truly connect with a new version of ourselves. Nature is learning to breathe again, in a whole new way and so are we! This week, go back and review, your dreams and desires, even as far back as childhood, and reignite your passion and creativity. It is about tuning into ourselves, listening to our intuition and trusting your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It takes courage to redefine who you are and what you want to ultimately manifest in this life time. Own your power, have confidence and trust in yourself. Turn your restlessness into action. to work on what you want and who you want to be.

Crystal recommendations for this New Moon below, as always, pick those you are most drawn too, it depends on what you need personally:

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful spiritual stone that enhances your intuition and psychic abilities and is a form of Labradorite (not Moonstone). Perfect for aiding the release of repressed feelings and starting over, on a whole new level. Highly protective against negative energies, strengthens the aura and inspires new beginnings.

Pinolith is a stone of optimism, for clarity of mind and boosting creativity and imagination. Aids with: positive visualisation, eliminating negativity and improving self-esteem. Encourages seeing the truth in situations to allow you to acknowledge and release negative emotions and attain a greater sense of self.

Carnelian is a stabilising stone that restores vitality and motivation and is great for stimulating creativity. Promotes joy and confidence and is known as the ‘actors stone’ to help you on your journey.

Celestite, a beautiful angelic stone, that is wonderful for spiritual development and emotional protection as it eliminates worry, fear and anxiety. It promotes positive energy and hope, perfect as we have another big energy shift with the 2nd Super / Full Moon of the year on 8th.

Apatite - Increase Your Appetite for Life, a crystal for ‘clearing the way’ when adulting & emotional confusion cloud our perception of self, restoring our flow. The energy that lies within is the key to eternal happiness. Clarity, self-expression & truly knowing yourself is vital (Reiki Treatments help with this too).

Smokey Quartz, a very protective & grounding stone that brings physical and psychic protection. Aids removal of negative energy & stress and perfect for use during meditation.

Selenite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline & Hematite for grounding, protection from Electromagnetic Field's generated by 5G, phones and computers. Amethyst for aiding sleep, enhancing creativity and developing intuition. Visit my Online Crystal Shop.

Sage, burn incense, frankincense or candles and declutter as much as possible to shift the stagnant energies from all we have experienced so far in 2020. There are many positives to be found, families are spending precious time together without the rush of the old 'normal'. I do think how people function and what they want from life, long term, is totally changing. Those that remain as they were and refuse to grow will continue to be unfulfilled, negative and feel as though they are wasting their time on this earth.

Create, or redefine, your vision board, once you have re analysed your list for you, your family and the new world as a whole. Challenge yourself, beyond anything you imagined and push yourself to manifest your biggest desires. If you would like some guidance, we can do a Skype/FaceTime call, £35 for an hour, at this time, to help you fully awaken.



+44 (0)7949089265

Additional Tip: When completing the ritual, it is ideal to use a new notebook and keep this as your moon journal and write all the statements in the present, as if you already have all you want i.e. "I am at my ideal weight & fitness level', 'I am excited about helping so many more people with my new abundance', 'I love driving my new car'... whatever it is that is relevant to you.

Add a final intention "I give thanks to the universe for these exciting new developments, people and adventures taking place. All this or something greater is now manifesting for the highest good of all. Namaste"

New Moon Goal Setting Ritual


Smudging sticks, Incense, Frankincense or Palo Santo

Candles & lighter/matches

Your favourite notebook / Moon Diary & Pen

A bowl of water and your crystals of choice

The Ritual:

Find a quiet space (indoors or outdoors)

Sage the area and yourself (the whole body, in a figure of 8)

Light the candle(s), even if it is daylight, as it invites in positive energies

Ground yourself with a sequence of deep breathes, to bring about feelings of calm & serenity. You can follow my breathing exercises here: Youtube Video.

Listening to calm, relaxing music can aid the experience

Record each New Moon Goal in your book, with date & time, to refer back to them

Set intentions, words of your choice.

List all your hopes, dreams & desires from 1 to an infinite number of items, whatever comes to you. Just be sure to aim high

Return to the list throughout the moon cycle & mark off as you achieve each goal / dream / desire & add anything else that has come to mind. Our wants, needs & desires change as our priorities & perspectives transform & grow

A Vision or Mood Board displayed in your home is a great way to monitor your manifesting journey

Do a new list each month, even if it contains some of the same items. It is key to start a fresh and work through your most current personal goals

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