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Reiki - An Emotional Drainage System

Reiki is an amazing emotional drainage system for removing anything that no longer serves us and the journey of healing is a constant one! Emotional blockages occur as a result of many of life's experiences such as past traumas, challenges & learned behaviours. Treatments work strongest  when practitioners & clients work together towards the end goal. It is an incredible healing modality that removes blockages & 'peels back the layers' of emotions with consistent treatments and it continues to work for up to 48 hours after the client has left. The process of transformation is further aided by the additional time and effort the client is able to apply in between the sessions. This can be in the form of eating healthy, using crystals daily, exercising, taking time in nature, reading relevant articles or books, anything that aids their ability to relax, calm down & further address issues that may have arisen. 

Scheduling regular sessions or learning to self-reiki (achieved after studying Reiki Level One) is paramount to achieving optimum health & by constantly clearing negativity we accumulate from others, emotions we experience ensures & igniting our immune system to heal can bring mind blowing results. Some people find it can bring up stuff we had forgotten or felt we had dealt with previously, that is still the root cause of issues in the NOW. This can cause imbalance of feelings & on the extreme can manifest as dis-ease & illness in the body.  By addressing the root cause and underlying issues the client has then healing occurs. Living in the NOW, not worrying about the outcome of any situation is the ultimate goal. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more, check out the website, email me or call 07949089265.

Have an wonderful full moon week.



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